Apr 06, 2021

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! 

So today we're going to be talking about an issue that I get asked about a lot more than I thought I would, which is, should I be sending a free gift or a sample with my Etsy orders?

Now I'm going to give you my rule, my golden rule, my framework to decipher whether you should send a free gift or not but before I get into that I want to start by saying that if you are not subscribed to my Youtube channel and you have a handmade business that you are serious about, then you definitely, definitely want to head over there and hit the little bell icon to subscribe! My videos are full of helpful Etsy tips and tricks and you want to be getting in on that, believe me. 

Okay, the whole free gift thing. I used to do it. And I did it for about... I want to say about three years, I always sent a free gift. Now I'm not saying that it was a waste of time, but it was a waste of time!!😣

Now, I did get some five-star feedbacks okay and what I actually did is I monitored my five-star feedbacks whilst I was sending a free gift and after I was sending a free gift and there was literally no change at all. So it does go to show that giving a free gift does not increase your five-star feedback. So if you're doing it for that reason, then just do not do it. Just flat out STOPπŸ›‘

It was kind of more trouble than it was worth!! I used to send a free little necklace out with all of my orders because I sell jewelry It was all running smoothly until I started getting complaints that the free gift had broken, or they lost a free gift, or they didn't get a free gift with their package. So what I actually ended up doing was actually spending more money on fixing the free gift, sending another free gift out….. than I actually did with the actual items!!

So to me, I wouldn't do it, but here's my golden rule. If you are selling a consumable product, I.e. Bath and body, hand cream, something that you use up and then you have to repurchase, I would consider doing a free gift (Not for the five-star feedback)  to encourage repeat buyers within your shop because it's a consumable product because they're using it up and then they have to buy it again or they have to go back into a shop and pick another style or something like that then I would 100% recommend sending a little sample or a little taster of another range in your shop. So they are given the opportunity to try something new.

So that is what I would recommend doing and it's not for a five-star feedback point of view. It's more to allow them to try more of the range of your products so hopefully their next order, they'll put more items in their basket, they'll check out with more, and your ATV, your average transaction value will actually be higher. Which will basically increase your conversion rate on Etsy. Which as we know is the golden rule of search engine optimization on Etsy okay. The golden rule of the algorithm.

So if you have a consumable purchase, definitely consider it. If you don't have a consumable purchase, like me you sell jewelry or you sell art prints or cards or something like that, I wouldn't recommend doing it the fact of it is, is that they are already buying an item from you and if you send them an additional item, it's just going to confuse them! Also, it's just going to devalue your brand. 

Do you see Tiffany giving you free gifts? If it's on promotion and that's a little bit different, but do you see Tiffany and Co or Pandora giving you just a flat-out free gift with any purchase that you buy? No, you don't. If they did, you'd probably be sat there going, "Why are they doing this?" These items must not cost them very much to make if they're giving it away. So therefore the perceived value of this item has gone in my mind, okay.

However, do you see, Clarins, Clinique giving away free little tasters of other products in their range? Yes you do, because it encourages you to purchase more items from that range. Oh, okay. I've just gone and bought a Clarins face cream and they've given me a little sample of a Clarins hand cream. I used it once and my eczema dried up on my hand and it was amazing. My next visit to the store. I'm going to go buy that hand cream as well.

So you see how this works, right? And it's not just a handmade business-specific thing either. If you have any business, I would always recommend the same kind of golden rule. So, guys, I hope that helped and made things it a little bit clearer in your minds as to whether you should be including a free gift or not!

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Steph x 

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