May 04, 2021

Do you have an email list, but just not sure how to monetize them and get more sales? Or do you have a list of 20 people and you're like, "What do I do with these 20 people?" Then keep on reading or if you prefer head over and watch my video 

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog!🖐️😃

 So today I'm going to be talking about how to monetize your email list. How to take your email list of whether it's 10 people, 2,000 people, and monetize them through your Etsy Shop. Now, if you're new to my channel, hello, I am Steph. I have built a top 1% Etsy Shop and a six-figure handmade business all from the comfort of my own home, and I'm here to tell you how to do the exact same thing.

Tip One

Add value -  It's in our nature. It's actually a psychological principle that the more value we are given the more value we want to give back. An example of this; have you ever been given something by your neighbours, like a welcome gift, or maybe you've got given a bunch of flowers that they picked from their garden, and you immediately feel like you have to do something back? You want to get them a card. You want to get them a gift. You feel obliged to do something back. Well, it's the same for your email list. The more value you add to those subscribers the more they are going to want to give back to you.

The other reason we want to give them valuable pieces of content, and if you know who your target market is, I mean, excessively, this is not going to be a problem for you but here's the thing... If we are just sending sales emails, sales emails, sales emails, sales email, sales emails all the time, people are going to get bored. They're going to unsubscribe. If you send an email and you get five or six unsubscribes then you need to watch the rest of this video.

So here's the thing, is that we want to give them value which naturally leads onto them buying from you. Now, I'm not saying never to send a sales email ever again in your life. What I am saying is this, is that you want to implore something that, I mean, it could be the 80:20 rule. I personally did more like 60:40, but here's the thing: Out of every 10 emails four of them have got to be sales. Six of them have got to be value-based emails. You don't want to bore people with sales, sales, sales, sales, sales emails. I bet now you're sat there asking, "Well, Steph, how does giving value lead back to sales?" But here's the thing. You need to create valuable pieces of content that naturally lead back to your items.

So my favourite way to do this is blog posts. It's a really fun thing to do. So let's say that you sell jewellery and you want to create a blog post for the birthstone of June. You could create a 300 word blog post and then at the end of it, or even halfway through, which is one of my favourite techniques to use, you could reference one of your products. What people are doing is that they're coming for the content. They're staying for the content. They're leaving to go and buy your items. That is just one way that you can leverage free content and give value to your audience, and get more sales in a non spammy gross salesy way.




So in doing the first step you should now be building a tribe. Amazing fans that love every single one of your products because you're giving them value and also, you're building trust and authority in your niche, in your space. So once you've done that and you've done that for about six months or so. Yes, I know it's a long time, but trust me, this is a term thing not a short-term thing but what will happen is this, When you start to build a tribe and an audience, number two is you need to build hype around your products.

Now I was doing a one-to-one coaching session with a client and she was saying that she's had the same issue with her email list. She's just sending the sales emails out every week. A newsletter (Who wants to get a newsletter anymore, guys?) add value!!

 She was in the same boat and what we decided was to build hype. So she drops her products through collections. So what we came up with was to work back from that launch day, from the product drop day, work back for about three to four weeks. In those three to four weeks prior to her launching you build hype, you share sneak peaks, you do giveaways. You share more behind the scenes with your VIP email list, which if you don't know, calling them VIP email list is a really great thing to do. But really, really, really build hype for your next collection.

What that will do is it that will get people hungry, It will keep you top of mind, because let's be honest, when you send that weekly sales email, or the weekly newsletter, or whatever you do right now it's just going to the top of that inbox and then gradually over the days getting trodden down by hundreds and hundreds of emails. The more emails you send, the more you will be kept top of mind for that item. So again, let's say that you sell jewelry and someone has their Gran's birthday or their Aunt's birthday coming up. The more emails you send, the more that their mind is going to go straight to oh, Steph sells jewelry. I'm going to go there and see what she has for sale. Whereas if you're just doing a weekly newsletter that probably doesn't get opened anyway then you're not going to be top of mind.

If you want to sell anything via email you have to build hype. You have to build desperation and basically you just have to build hype around your new product drop. What this does is it increases the value of the product coming out. If you're saying hey guys, I'm launching a whole new collection. I've only got 10 of each item. There's five items. Honestly, I expect this to sell out super, super quick so you need to make sure on this day, at this time you are in my Etsy Shop ready with your credit card, with your finger hovering over the buy button, that builds hype. That tells people ah okay, I need to be quick. I can't just buy this any old time. I can't come in the day after and buy one of these things. I need to be in there right now if I want this, which nine times out of 10, if you tell someone that it's limited or it's a special edition they are going to want it. It's just in our nature to want to get in there before anyone else does.

Tip Two

Build hype by sneak peeks, behind the scenes, and that's two of my favorite ways to build hype. But yeah, you essentially just wants to make sure to make your audience desperate to buy your next collection. In the comments below, let me know what product do you sell? Is there any way that you could build hype? I want to know.

Tip Three

 Send sales emails that highlight the problem. Here's the thing. You make your product for a reason. Why does your customer need what you make? There's a pain point behind every single one of your products that you make. So let's say for example that you make organic cotton baby rompers. Is it because they need a new romper because that child has outgrown the last one? No, because if that was the case they could go to Target or Primark or anything like that and buy a romper for £2. No, they want an organic cotton baby romper because they want to feel like a super parent. They want to feel like the best parent of the year because they're giving their baby the best. They don't want to use cotton that's had harsh chemicals near it. They want to do the best for their baby.

So, you see how that's different. That's a completely different pain point. The first pain point is my baby has outgrown the current baby romper. I'm just going to go out and buy any old thing. Pain point number two, I want to feel like a super parent and I want to be sure that my baby is protected throughout their entire life. That is the main pain point that you want to aim for.

So what do we do with this information? You need to highlight that pain point in every single one of your sales emails. That's how you create sales emails that convert. So number one, you need to highlight the problem. Number two, you need to make sure that point A to point B, so point A is where they are right now, point B is where they want to be. You need to make that gap seem bigger than it actually is, and then you need to introduce your product as the solution.

So you now have what you need to send traffic to your Etsy Shop using email, but what's the point in doing all of that if your listings do not convert well? Well, that's why I have created my three step system to skyrocket your Etsy conversion rate free masterclass. If you are serious about building a six figure handmade business then you need to watch this training.

If you want to learn more about Etsy marketing then I recommend watching these two videos. And if you want to join a supportive Facebook group, where I go live every single week, then join here! here! 😃

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