Apr 20, 2021

What do you do when someone marks something as a gift on Etsy? What do you do when you get an order that says marked as a gift? Then keep reading….

Hey, everyone, and welcome back to my blog. Today, I'm going to be talking about what to do when someone marks an order as a gift on Etsy, or when you have an order and you see that little marked as gift little sentence in the bottom right-hand corner, and you're thinking, "What does this mean?" 

Right well when someone marks something as a gift, guys, do not panic. This does not mean you have to gift wrap it. This does not mean you have to include a gift tag unless it says gift message included, which we're going to be going over.

When someone's just marked something as a gift, there are two things: marked as a gift and gift message included. You can turn both of these off in your Etsy settings, by the way, but if you've got something marked as a gift, all that usually means is that that person doesn't want a price or an invoice included in the product. That is literally it. I have never got a customer that has marked something as a gift, received it, and gone, "Oh, I was hoping this was going to be gift wrapped," because there is a separate option for that.

If someone marks something as a gift wrap, and if you've put that on your settings, and there is a separate video on my channel for that, however, marked as a gift, you usually don't have to do anything.

 I would also recommend if your country allows it, i.e, tax, receipts, invoices, things like that, I wouldn't send an invoice with any orders. I've actually never done this because they can get access to their invoices and receipts through their Etsy account or through their email when they buy something from you, then I wouldn't recommend sending it. Number one, it's kind of just a waste of paper, because people tend to just look at it and go, "Okay, cool. Yeah," and throw it in the bin.

Also, number two, means that if you get something marked as a gift, you never have to worry about it because you don't send invoices out anyway. Okay? So, when someone says gift message included, you might be sat there going, "Oh my goodness, what do I do about this? What do I do when someone sends me a gift message to include with their order?" Here's the thing. When someone does that, they're saying that they are sending it directly to the recipient, usually. So, literally, what I do is I get a little tag 0  I literally buy my gift tags from eBay, they're like £3 for 100, and I basically just cut some twine. I actually use black ribbon because this is just fiddly and it annoys the heck out of me.

But all I do is that I print the gift message on a Dymo label, which is what I use to print my label addresses off from, and I literally just cut it and stick it on this. I've never had a complaint that that is what I do. People usually don't mind that. A lot of Etsy shop owners panic and think, "Oh my goodness, I have to hand-write in my beautiful handwriting, which I don't have. It doesn't exist." Don't worry. I don't have the best handwriting. I never use a pen anymore. We are in this world where we just don't use pen and paper, but I don't hand-write any of my gift tags.

I just do exactly what I said, I print it off on my Dymo labeler, I put it on a gift tag, and I just basically put it in with the parcel. That is all that essentially means. So, I don't want you guys to panic. It is different than gift wrap. Gift wrap is something that they pay for that is another upsell product added to their items. It is something that I recommend you do, and you do not have to go full out with your gift wrap. All that I do is I do an upgraded box, and I... well, that's pretty much it. So, people are literally for me paying for an upgraded box, and that is my gift wrap.

You don't have to wrap it up in beautiful wrapping paper, nor does it have to be expensive. So, treat it like a separate product on its own. You want to be making a profit on that. Also mind the postage as well, because if you're using bigger, bulkier packaging for your gift wrap, that's going to increase your postage costs, so make sure to include that. 

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Bye everyone๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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