Mar 30, 2021

If you want to know what the trends are for 2021 for handmade businesses on Etsy, off Etsy, and beyond, then keep reading 

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to my Blog. Today I'm going to give you a rundown of the trends for 2021!

Before I get into that I want to start by saying that if you are not subscribed to my Youtube channel and you have a handmade business that you are serious about, then you definitely, definitely want to head over there and hit the little bell icon to subscribe! My videos are full of helpful Etsy tips and tricks and you want to be getting in on that, believe me. 

So 2021 trends...I'm just going to say that with these trends, I have researched them on Etsy, on Pinterest, and general trend websites. I've listed all of the trends here that I've already started to see evidence that these are going to become trends. The reason why I haven't done this way back in January was that a lot of trends don't really come to fruition, so I tend to wait about six weeks after so that I can kind of know if there's any evidence that any of these are going to come to anything decent, okay?

Colour Trends 

The number one trend is sky blue, which is Etsy's color of the year. Usually, Etsy's color of the year and the Pantone color of the year should be about the same, but this year they're not, so take from this what you will. Sky blue is Etsy's color of the year.

 The Pantone color of the year is basically like canary yellow and slate gray. That's not the exact names of the tones of yellow and gray, by the way. I'm just trying to literally describe how I see them. But yellow and gray are the Pantone colors of the year.

 So, sky blue. I would always recommend having some kind of blue products in your product catalog because blue is actually one of the most popular colors that people always go for. That's why you often see gray, blue, and pink because those are the three colors that people are gravitated towards, right?

I would always recommend having blue items in your product catalog; however, yellow and gray are again, some new products that are coming in that are supposed to be trends. I have started to see that this is the fact. There are a lot of yellow tartans coming on the market. Gray for home decor is having a little bit of a resurgence, obviously gray for the longest time was like the color for your home. Now it's kind of gone on steroids and it's going a bit nuts. So, I would recommend really taking heed of especially the sky blue and especially the gray aspect of this.


The next thing is quality in practical terms. How I've taken this is that because people are in a lot, obviously, that's not going to really stop anytime soon, people are looking to upgrade the things that they use most often, the practical things. People are looking to have beautiful, handmade wine glasses to use. People are looking at having amazingly soft clothing and quality clothing to use. People are looking at how they can upgrade their daily lives, which usually means being spent at home. So, this is the thing. People are looking at quality in practical terms.

Home Crafting 

The next kind of trend I guess I'm seeing is at-home crafting, using things that you've already got at home. So again, because people can't really go, it's not advised to go to your local craft shop, especially in the U.K. Right now. That's at-home crafting, using things you've already got at home. Although it's not really a trend for Etsy, it could be something that you consider, especially if you make printable downloads or crafting kits and things like that. It could be something to consider. People want to be making things out of stuff they've already got at home. Just keep that in the back of your mind.

Home Office 

The next trend is actually one of my favorites. It's having a home office in a dining room or a closet. I've actually got a good couple of my students who have actually shown me their offices, literally in the cupboard, under the stairs, and literally in their dining room. So, if you can sell anything, you can create anything. Whether it's a printable PDF telling you how to start your dining home office or how to turn a closet under the stairs into your perfect home office, something like that. Whatever it is that you sell, it is a good idea to keep this in mind, people are wanting to create a home office at home. You might be thinking, Steph, this is great whilst people can't actually go into the office, but what about when people can, what's going to happen then?

Well, here's the thing. Number one, I predict more people are going to be working from home within their jobs, and also number two, a lot of people are starting their own business, and you might be one of them watching this video right now. So, it is something that's going to be a trend for the next two, three years. I would recommend if you haven't already, really getting some products that will complement this into your product catalog.

Mental Wellness 

The next trend is encouraging mental wellness. Is it me or have you seen a big resurgence of diaries and journals and routine worksheets and stuff like that? Mental wellness is a massive, massive factor, especially for the next year and if you sell printables or if you sell, to be honest, if you sell anything, for example, I sell jewelry and I have just added a word of the year necklace. I've just added a mantra bracelet, things that encourage mental wellness.

 I would always recommend seeing if you can incorporate that into your products in some way, shape, or form. Mental wellness is going to be here to stay. It's something that I think is a really, really good trend to really encourage people, to be more aware of their mental health, both for themselves and the people around them. If you can incorporate mental wellness products into your catalog in some way, shape, or form, that's going to be amazing for you.

Florals & Botanicals

The very next trend that I've seen a massive resurgence of is florals and botanicals anything to bring the outside in and the great thing about this trend is that depending on what you sell, you can really go to town with this. This incorporates into my next trend, which is hygge. 


Hygge and florals and bringing the outside in. Making your home cozy. If you don't know what hygge means, hygge is basically anything that makes you feel cozy and content at home it is something that is going to be getting a massive resurgence. If there's any way you can incorporate florals or botanicals or any way to bring the outside in, you definitely want to be doing that.

Homemade & Cottage Lifestyle

The next one is homemade and cottage lifestyle - again, it's kind of incorporating the florals, the hygge, this is going more vintage or vintage, darling. 

This is basically where cottage lifestyle, making your own bread, making your own cheese, spending more time cooking meals, and it's kind of almost going back in time to when things used to be "better' when everything used to be homemade. This is something that's super, super fab because I personally love all that kind of vintage florals, hygge, all that kind of stuff. Also, I like to eat homemade cakes, but this is something that is being seen a lot. 

Those three things I predict, and the biggest trends out of this entire thing is florals, bringing the outside in, hygge, comfy couture, making your home comfortable and homemade and cottage lifestyle, which is why Etsy is seeing a massive amount of new customers coming into their platform.

Mums For All 

The next thing is mums for all and this was something that I did see on the Etsy trends page. I'm sort of a little bit tentative about that. I'm not a hundred percent sure what they meant to be honest with you, but they have said mums for all. Pet mums, plant mums are all looking to be celebrated. I assume this is something that is more Mother’s Day centered now in the year. In the U.K, Mother’s day is in March. In the U.S. it is in May. You might've already missed the U.K. Mothers Day; however, it does seem that mums for all. For example, if you're not a mum to a human baby, you can have a dog, baby, cat baby, a Guinea pig baby, a Rabbit baby, or even plant babies. I would recommend having a look into this and seeing if there is some way that you can put this into your product category.

I make a lot of mother-daughter jewelry, so I am seriously going to be looking into seeing how I can incorporate this, It can be a mother pup jewelry where you've got a collar charm or something like that. Just think of ways that you can feel mums of all types be included rather than just human mums, human babies, or other obviously human mums. But you know what I mean? Right?

Letterbox Gifts

The next thing is letterbox gifts, and if you don't know, this is a really good trending keyword, guys. If you're not using it, you want to be. Letterbox gifts.

 Letterbox gifts are essentially where people around the world cannot go and see their loved ones right now. If you're watching this in the future, what's not being in lockdown like? Tell me what that's like. Essentially letterbox gifts are where you send items that can be put through people's letterboxes. So letterbox presents. If you have a friend that's having a birthday, letterbox gifts are where it's at. Think of ways you can incorporate that into your product catalog. For many of you, it won't be difficult. You might just want to take a listing and keyword slightly differently.


The next thing is a life refresh, business refresh, office refresh, closet refresh. The thing is that this is not just for New Years’. People are at home, they're staring at their closet and thinking, that's just messy. They're staring at their kitchen drawers with all the junk in it. Do you have a kitchen junk drawer? Because we have two. But they're looking at these things and going, this is just messy. I can't do with this. And then looking for ways to refresh. If you sell organizational items, planning, stickers, stuff like that, then really look at how to incorporate this as well.

Better Times Ahead

The next thing is planning for better times ahead. Okay. Let's play a game in the comments. How many holidays have you guys canceled over the last year or two? How many holidays have you guys canceled? We've canceled about four. Here's the thing. People are looking ahead at better times, whether it's holidays, whether it's little trips with their girlfriends, whether it's trips with their loved ones, going to see their family who lives away, away from them. They are planning better times ahead. This is amazing if you sell stickers or planner sheets or anything really that enables them to start planning ahead for better times. This is something that is going to make people feel better, so it is going to see a massive resurgence, I think, in the next coming year. It is worth attacking that and seeing how you can incorporate that into your products.

Less Technology 

The very next thing is to kind of turn away from technology for family activities. During the Covid pandemic, the first section of the lockdown was literally digital, digital, digital. That is all we did. We watched TV, we played on our games consoles, we did Zoom meetings with friends and family. We bought films. We've watched like 70 box sets. Honestly, guys digital was like a big thing in the first half. During the second half, people were getting a little bit tired. They were just a bit bored of watching films and playing games, all that kind of stuff. People are looking for a way to get away from technology, embrace their mental wellness and do family activities. If there's any way you can, again, I'm going to say incorporate that into your products, that would be fab.


The next thing is breathing new life into things you already own. Upcycling. This is something that is honestly really getting a new lease of life in 2021. This is something that people are already doing themselves at home. Rather than going out and buying new bedside tables, they are stripping the ones they've got at home and repainting them. I'm not quite sure how you would put this into your product catalog, but if you can, in any way, shape, or form, or even if you sell upcycled things, then you are going to be seeing a big resurgence. Keywords, such as upcycled, vintage, reused, organic, recycled, things like that are going to be really, really good for you, so definitely worth exploring that.

So I hope it gave you some insights into what the trends are going to be for 2021 before you go I have a brand new 60-minute master class. My three-step system to skyrocket your Etsy conversion rate. If you are serious about your handmade business and you are serious about making some money from your Etsy shop, then you definitely want to join today 

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