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Jun 08, 2021

Want to learn the best way to promote your Etsy shop for free? Do you want to get more sales, but you don't want to use paid ads to do it? Then keep on reading…….


Social Media 

My first tip is to make sure that you are using a social media network where your target market actually hangs out! You don’t want to be using TikTok if all your audience is the older kind of end of the spectrum, and they're on Facebook. Don't be using Instagram if your products do not photograph well, or you have to explain what your product is. Focus on one social media network, the one where your audience most hangs out on, and master that one first. For the first year of your business, you do not want to be going into all the different social media networks and trying to master them, because you will not do it. You'll spread yourself thin, and you'll end up with like three or four really wishy-washy social media profiles. 


Number two is to make sure to post relevant, engaging social media content on those channels. I cannot tell you the number of brands that I have seen, the amount of Etsy social profiles that I have seen, where they're posting content that they think their target market would like and engage with, but they don't. You really need to obsessively know who your target market is before you even post any content and even before you post any content, ask yourself the question, am I posting this because I have to, or am I posting it because my target market is going to love it? That was a question that really pivoted the whole social media game for me.

I felt as if I had to post something every day, whereas I really wanted to be over here, which is I'm posting this because my target market would love it. Even if that means posting two or three times a week, you need to just be making sure that every one of your posts is getting really good engagement from your target market. If it's not, you need to monitor that, take note of what is working and what's not working, and change, depending on what the results of that are.


My next tip is to only post your items for sale 20 to 30, maybe pushing it 40% of the time. Remember this, guys, it's more important to build a long-term brand than it is to get a quick sale. I'm going to say that again because it's really important. It's super, super, super, 10 billion times more valuable, for you to build a long-lasting brand that your audience trusts than making a quick sale, It's the difference between you posting five or six sales posts this week to get two or three sales versus building trust, authority in your niche, and a really, really great brand, I would choose the brand any day of the week.

Create content buckets, what this means is that you pull from each bucket every single week. So you make yourself a schedule and you say, I have, I don't know, four content buckets. I have reviews, I have memes, I have questions, and I have products and I would be going in there and adding different pieces of content to those different buckets every single month so that I know that I always have content to schedule out.

Also make sure not to forget that if you've got a content bucket behind the scenes, and the reason I'm saying this is because I always do, is to make sure to snap a picture of what you're doing. Don't just let it go to waste. If your desk is messy, filled with orders, take a picture of it. People want to see behind the scenes. If you're about to unwrap a new parcel of stuff you're going to make, take a video, take a picture of it. You've really got to make sure to document your journey because people are going to love that, they're going to lap it up, and it's going to build trust with you, as well. So just going off-topic there a little bit, make sure to always have your phone with you and snap a picture if you can.

Another great tip is to use a scheduler like Later. Later is amazing. I use it. It's free. What more could you ask for? You literally click and drag your posts onto the timeline, and it's done. Schedule in your social media a month or two in advance to make sure that if anything crops up and you can't post anything on that day, you have something going out.

Monitor your KPIs, your key performance indicators, on your social media, and monitor what's getting engagement, what's working, and what's not, kind of the same as what I said before, but make sure that you do that.



Most people, and here's the thing, most people don't care about what you have to sell that's a really hard truth, and it sounds really heartless. I know as handmade business owners, we are super emotionally connected to our product, and it's understandable. People don't care about what you have to sell until they need to care. So let me just say that again, just to really get that through. People don't care about what you have to sell until they need to care. People don't care that you have an organic cotton baby romper until they have a child and they have to care about its well-being, its skin, whatever. All of your customers, everything that you sell, people don't care until they have to care.

So your product solves a problem, right? So what do we need to do? We need to really look at the customer and say, this is your problem, this is how bad it is, but don't worry, here's my product to solve it for you and that is the basics behind all of copywriting, all of the description writing, all of social media post writing, and the blog, which is what we're going to be talking about.

You need to draw their attention to their problem -  You can absolutely set up a blog on your own website. You can use a free website like Squarespace, Blogger. I mean, I would recommend Squarespace over Blogger, to be honest with you and you can use your own domain name for that blog so that if eventually, you do set up your own website, it's pointing back to your own website as opposed to a standalone blog. 

If you don't want your own website yet, I would still recommend blogging about your journey, blogging about your products, and really educating your customers as to what their problem is and how big of a problem it really is. So leave me a comment below. Are you going to start a blog? 

So for blogging, the next tip, number three, is to blog about common questions or issues that your target market has. A great free website is, and Google, and also using a Chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere is a really great way to do this. But if you want just a really basic way to start off, go to I think one to two searches a day is free, and then anything after that you have to pay, but that's ample. Just start typing in what you sell, and you will get questions. I think it's like, what, how, why, etc and you will get questions that people are asking through Basically, you can go through and create blog posts to answer those questions.

Be sure to research five to 10 keywords for that blog post topic, as well. Sprinkle them in your blog content to be ranked on Google, as well, the more that your website gains traction, its score comes up, the more chance that your blog will be shown in search results when someone Googles that exact same question. So it's really a win-win. Not only are you educating your target market, but you are also putting your product in there as the solution for their problem. Eventually, your blog post is going to be coming up on Google when someone types in that question. So really, blogging is just the best thing ever. So you definitely want to be getting on that.

Now, that does lead me onto my next point- in every blog post, make sure to naturally lead back to one of your products and link that in there, as well. So let's say for example that you make organic baby rompers and you make a blog post that says how organic cotton is made, maybe something like that. Maybe that's a question that your target market wants to know naturally, you say, talking of organic cotton, this is one of the top sellers that I use organic cotton for, and you naturally link back to your product. 

You're educating your target market, and they're going to be like, "Oh, I'm learning all about organic cotton. I want to see this romper. I want to see what's going on here. I want to see what the dealio is. Am I buying the wrong rompers? This blog post is kind of telling me so, and I want to be a super parent, so I want to go and get this organic, all singing, all dancing romper." 



So the next category is email. Your number one priority, apart from getting revenue in through the door, should be to get people on your email list. So it should be like this.

  1. Getting revenue, getting sales
  2. Your email list.
  3. Social media profiles. 


Then you work your way down from there. So really, your top two priorities, getting sales and getting people on your email list. I'm going to go blue in the face by saying this, but you want to be starting an email list if you haven't.

If you are not doing emails You're missing out, you're leaving sales on the table if you haven't got an email list. You get people onto your email list through things like discounts, freebies, and sneak peeks, and stuff like that. S If you have done everything else right and you know your target market, getting people on your email list should not be a difficult thing.

But you want to give them some kind of incentive to separate themselves from their email address because believe me, people are becoming more and more guarded about their email address. So the thing that you give them in exchange for that has got to be of immense value if you don't want to go into that, you just want this to be done, then just offer them a 10% discount code, because what person doesn't love a discount?

Once they are on your email list, you want to onboard them, which basically means you want to warm them up and welcome them with a targeted and optimized email welcome sequence. Now, if you're using the free version of MailChimp, you have to upgrade to automate. I would hundred percent recommend it, and I'm not sponsored or affiliated or anything like that, but I would hundred percent recommend doing that. And the reason for this is that it automatically happens without you having to physically send them a welcome email. And you need to make sure to craft three to five emails that warm them up about your brand, who you are, their problem, the product that you have to solve it, etc 

Within the welcome sequence, I would recommend also adding value. So not only are you educating your customer about you and your brand, but you are also adding value, and this could be through sharing one or two of your best blog posts. It could be inviting them to a Facebook group. It could be just literally creating a blog post or a shorter blog post within the email itself. You've really got to add value to that customer, so what you end up having is a raving customer who's hungry to buy, and then they go on off to your Etsy shop and actually purchase something from you and all this happens automatically. I mean, I've written thousands of emails, guys, and I can tell you this, is that as long as you know who your target customer is, you will be fine and you will know exactly what to say, how to say it, and add value in a way that makes that customer hungry to buy it. 

When you launch, you have to make sure to add hype to the launch. Let's say that you have a product drop happening on the 1st of December. Work back two or three or four or five months, even, if you want to be super, super into it. I'd say about a month or two, if not and let's say October, you start to say, hey, something new is coming, and you get them involved. You get them to answer a survey about what they want to see. You have a competition on your social media to win a sneak peek of one of the items. You share behind the scenes. And you really build hype the closer to the launch date it gets.

If you welcome them correctly, add value, et cetera, et cetera, then you build hype for your new collection. Well, you can only imagine the magic that's going to happen when you do launch that collection, and you build urgency within those launch emails, and you say, "Hey guys, this is a limited collection. You want to go and get this now. Do not wait." It's just going to be a magic formula for you, to be making like a thousand extra dollars a month, just literally by doing this. 

So you know what steps you need to promote your Etsy shop online for free, but what's the point in driving all of that traffic if your listings do not convert well? to see your sales skyrocket to find out more then sign up for my three-step system to skyrocket your Etsy conversion rate free masterclass. If you are serious about building a six-figure handmade business then you need to watch this training.

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