😔 You put off making awesome creations because you worry they won’t sell

⚠️ You feel a sense of immense overwhelm when listing your products and don’t know how to make them ‘good’

😖 The pang of disappointment when you list something new and it get very low views/favourites/sales is all too familiar

💗 You really love your products, but making them look at amazing online is a real challenge

👀 You want to start getting the views and sales you know you deserve

💸You’re sick and tired of scrabbling around with your shop, and want to actually start seeing some results from your hard work

The Handmade Bosses Listathon is our List more = Sell More! Challenge. 💸


In this challenge we are going to help you out of the product procrastination hole, list better listings that actually sell and turn your shop into a fully stocked sales paradise!

We are going to be showing you exactly what you need to do to get seen, get sales and get moving toward your handmade business goals!


 If you've ever thought "How can I list this in a way that actually makes it sell!?" Then this challenge is for you.

You will:

💸Find out the principles of why what we will be doing works

💸Download your workbooks and get the important links you need

💸First homework of the week

💸Prime yourself to get ready for the challenge coming your way

The Magnetic Product Creation Method: Create Products That SELL Not Sit Still 

💸How to ACTUALLY curate and create your product ideas so you don’t waste time, effort and $$££

💸My simple process to find out what your customers REALLY want

💸In depth bestseller brainstorm strategy

💸Create products that don’t cost the earth to make

💸How to correctly deal with products that sit in your product catalogue

💸WHY some products sell, while others never do

By the end of day 1, product creation will be easy, profitable and strategic and you’ll KNOW that the products you’re creating will sell.

DAY 2: How To Optimise Your Listings To Get Seen & Get Sales

💸The 3 T’s of quick listing optimisation so you get more views and sales

💸How to stand out if you are in a saturated niche, or get seen if you’re in a very small niche

💸How to implement each of the 3T’s in your business with your own personalised DIY roadmap

By the end of day 2 you will understand the 3 T’s and have a full set of steps to optimise your listings and get seen

DAY 3: Create Double The Number Of Listings In Less Time

💸My ‘listing hat’ technique so you can fill your shop without making MORE

💸I’ll show you the ONLY way to truly find out what customers LOVE and what works for your shop

💸Hack your shop categories so you can lead the customer to the sale automatically

By the end of day 3 you will have the roadmap to list DOUBLE the number of listings you would have in 48 hours or less

MASTERCLASS: Easy Social Media Marketing For Creatives - So You Can Just Get Back To Making, Not Marketing

💸Effectively bring everything together from the last 3 days of the challenge

💸The 5 R’s of super-simple marketing and how you can implement them TODAY on any platform (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc)

💸Marketing trends for 2024 and 2025 and what’s not working anymore

💸I’ll present a can’t miss opportunity to grow your sales to 5-figure months in 2024

By the end of day 4 you will have a clearer idea of a marketing plan for your business and have an unmissable opening to grow your sales to 5-figures in 2024!