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I Feel you if right now you are:

😭 Wondering WHEN do the sales start "rolling in" like everyone claims?

😭Constantly reviewing your budget and wondering where the next sale will come from

😭 Pouring yourself into your craft with no results to show for it


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Hey, I'm Steph! You'll probably find me in Starbucks watching endless amounts of YouTube with a cappuccino and biscotti. 

A bit about me...

A trip to the hospital made me wake up to the fact that I HATED my job. I Started my Etsy shop but was met with 0 sales EVERY. FREAKING. DAY.

I took advice from #peopleishouldnotlistento (You know, the "etsy experts" that don't have a 6-figure Etsy shop?) and my shop broke. 

I realised I was thinking about this ALL WRONG.

I needed to get strategic about building a BUSINESS on Etsy and beyond.

I built a strategy that worked. The results?

I'll let these stats do the talking πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡



Let's get down to the number 1 question you have;

"Should I set aside 90 minutes to attend this thing?"

If you answer "yes" to any of the following statements, then you absolutely should:

πŸ”₯ You are feeling burned out, tired and you just can't stand the waiting for the sales snowball to start

⏰ You want to stop exchanging your time for money - LIKE YESTERDAY

⌚ You want to stop wasting time on all the things that's not working for you

πŸ’€ You're tired of stale advice you get on Facebook groups

⚑ You need some fresh energy

🚫 You are all in with Etsy and don't understand that people say it doesn't work

😬 Stopped trying because you're so over it

πŸƒ You know that something isn't quite clicking with your shop and you want to know what it is, quick smart.

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