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I’m Steph and together, we are Handmade Bosses.

But what does it mean to BE a handmade boss?

πŸ‘‰We use strategy and data to skyrocket your business

πŸ‘‰We build an algorithm proof business

πŸ‘‰We use psychological marketing not gross sales manipulations

πŸ‘‰We are collectively starting the #handmademovement

We own our Boss businesses



Bosses we help each week with our content


People in our programs and products


Β views on Youtube alone!


Are you ready to get that growth you’ve always wanted with our 4 C’s?

πŸ‘‰…Consistent sales and revenue growth with ease and flow

πŸ‘‰...Captivated Customers that cannot wait for your next product drop

πŸ‘‰...Colossal Cashflow with profits you can thrive on

πŸ‘‰...Creative freedom with a business you can scale

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I’m Steph Cole-Lewis and I’m the founder of Handmade Bosses 

My team and I are ready and waiting to turn your creative gifts and passions into highly converting products and help you to build a business and life YOU love.

This all starts with our Handmade Bosses Business Strategy, where we follow our tried and true strategic methods to turn your budding business growth into a fully functioning repeatable framework that you can use to grow your business in your own timeframe, whether that’s 30 days or 30 years!

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