Hey, Im Steph!

My Handmade business journey started out with a bang…(no literally my appendix exploded!) 🤣

Thanks to my body holding up a huge STOP sign, I opened my Etsy shop during my post operation recovery period.

I HATED my job, It was awful and It destroyed my confidence. Having worked in Jewellery most of my life, being trained in Gemmology and jewellery making, I decided to start creating my own jewellery.

Something that wasn’t replicable, something that was unique to the customer (Very UNLIKE the ‘fine’ jewellery I sold in my job).

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My Journey


Started my website and things were slowwwww to begin with. Kinda gave up on the whole thing and carried on at my day job.


During post op recovery I realised I hated my working life as it currently stood. With bosses who mentally dragged me down, team members who felt trapped in the job, and far away from everything I knew. I started my etsy shop 2 days after my operation.

Later in 2015…During november-december, I made £6500+ and realised this COULD replace my job.


100% committed to leaving my job, and spent every waking moment doubling down on the exact strategy I would use to scale my shop

April 2016…FINALLY left my job to pursue jewellery making full-time


2017…Saved up for our dream wedding AND moved into our first home from the proceeds of my etsy shop


2019…Started Handmade Bosses when a bunch of Etsy sellers I knew asked me for shop critiques

Plugged in a mic, filmed on my phone camera and the Youtube channel was born!

Can I see your

Etsy Shop?

I get it. You want to make sure that I’m not just some fly-by-night coach that you see SO MANY OF on Youtube, Instagram and especially TikTok.

But here’s the deal…The ones that have active shops (NOT the endless shops they have on ‘holiday mode’..) that they CARE about will never link them. Here’s why I don’t freely share my Etsy shop link…

I don’t want to get 1000’s of sales from my audience of 55,000 people, because that’s not replicable for the average crafter. You may just be starting out, or have a small audience and I want to show you what WORKS for YOU. Not what works for people with huge audiences.

If I get TONS of traffic from people who aren’t my target market, my listings conversion rates will plummet, showing me much lower in Etsy search results. I love my Etsy shop and obviously want to keep it profitable!

I run tests in my shop so I can report back to you. If I drive 1000’s of views everyday from my own socials, It wouldn’t be a ‘fair’ test and what I report back would be bogus.

THAT is what makes me different from all the other ‘coaches’ out there.

But what I DO share is screenshots of my results. And If you want to see what kind of results I get my students, check the wall of fame out here.

I truly believe that everyone has at least one special creative gift that they can turn into a full-time business if they want to, and I’m here to encourage you, unleash your potential and guide you along your handmade business journey, as I have done for the 1294+ people in our paid programmes and products.

I can confidently say that myself and my team are some of the most creative, brilliant, systematic and collaborative people I have ever met, and our work supporting budding handmade business owners with all aspects of their businesses has touched my heart over and over.

Ready to

rock & roll?


Meet Team Handmade Bosses:

Steph - Founder

Favourite movie - Frozen❄️ (closely followed by the devil wears prada)

Favourite food - Pizza 🍕

3 desert island musts: Phoebe 🐶 (my dog), Phoebe's favourite ball and my husband

One weird fact about me: I had 2 sets of baby teeth before my adult teeth came in 

Jayne - Head Virtual Assistant and Coach

Favourite film - Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me (a bit weird but so am I🤣)

Favourite food - duck in pancakes (get in me belly)

3 desert island musts - music, my family (that includes my dogs) and something to keep me being creative - life would be pretty perfect 👌

Weird fact - I’ve got a birth mark on my knee that looks like a cat🐈 

Jen - Virtual Assistant

Favourite film- Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

Favourite food- Galaxy chocolate or anything spicy 🔥

Desert island- my two kids and husband (they come as one), my kindle and tea bags!!

Weird fact- I’m hyper mobile and can’t do a thumbs up 👍

"The world really does need those special creations only YOU can bring to life”

- Steph