Wall of Fame

Wood craftsman

$300,000 in sales !!!

Chocolate maker & shop

Conversion rate of 8.7%

Shannon's shop

One simple change made. world of difference to her conversion rate

Personalised gifts

Wow! Amazing stats

Digital design seller

Lindsey conversion increased to 7.6% in a month

Handmade specialist gifts

Visits skyrocketing within a month


"I had a little mini panic attack when I first joined...but just after the first video I knew it was worth joining and I made the right decision"

Quirky gifts

Lindsay has best her target of 5000 by 270 sales

Jewellery shop

Over 5000 sales !!

Patterns for Crocheters

Made HBSA investment back in less than 5 months

Alcohol Ink Artwork & Stationery

Emma smashed a target over 1000 sales !

Sterling Silver wire wrapped jewellery

Over sales target by 42

Reward jars + more

Aimee has achieved her goal of joining Etsy by signing up to the HBSA

Craft shop

Woo hoo! First order in shop number 2 thanks to the knowledge she's learnt

Birthday card shop

Photo upgrades thanks to the photography module

Crystal jewellery

Best month ever !!

Baby gift company

Zoe has increase in shop visits by x25

Greetings card shop

First 1k week !!

Marble effect & jesmonite home decor

Increased sales, wholesale orders and an 'insane' conversion rate


"I'm going through the course a second time and still absorbing new information...I'm really proud of all the work I've done in my shop"

Jewellery, Prints & Gifts

Light bulb moment identifying target market

Custom Foil Decor & Stationery

Jas beat her target of 6500 sales

Beaded jewellery shop

Having a target of 1500 sales and achieving more than 1800

Custom pet treat jars & more

Aurora increased her  conversion rate of 0.6% to 6%, increased her views and revenue

Angela's shop 

Such an inspiring story

Custom pet gifts

Reached $10,000 sales in 12 months

Handmade Coffee Cups, Stickers, & more

Higher views, orders, visits and revenue

Curated Cruise Collections, Magnets & More

Celebrating all green stats for YoY improvements for Aftin

Pet memory gifts

A conversion rate of 12.5% by trusting the process


"I only got about 6 modules into the course and my shop got so busy I couldn't keep up...it worked too well for it's own good I couldn't get through it all!"

Home dĂŠcor

The course has improved every aspect of Leonie's shop

Wood craftsman

Erik has gone full time with his business, rented a commercial property and now has a business partner

Contemporary accessories 

Charly has almost doubled her sales 


Avi has a best seller and a 10% conversion rate 

Curated Cruise Collections, Magnets & More

The HBSA has changed Aftin's business

Hand drawn stickers & stationery

Mapping out her orders - Jo has sent her orders to 4 different continents


"It's given me the opportunity to step into something I never have done before...I had no idea how to have an online business...the course was really helpful and was the first step into taking my business seriously"

Pet decor shop

Showing the love

Sarah's shop

Yey, 5000 sales !!

Tasmin's shop

An increased of 600%

Custom pet jars

Making a months salary. in a week is always a good feeling

Jewellery shop

Gemma has made outstanding sales progress 

Marble effect & jesmonite home decor

Not only has Aneliese had repeat customers she's also beating hr goals


Eriks journey is quite phenomenal 

Candle shop

Andreea joined with only 28 sales and by January achieved over 100

Craft supply shop

Biggest ever single order of ÂŁ362

Jewellery shop

Conversion rate is through the roof

Bespoke upholstery and chair stylist

While working through the course Ella is facing her imposter syndrome and gaining confidence

Recycled fabrics designer

With help from the course Bethan is challenging her fear of social media


"I knew I wanted to enrol even before it became available...I wanted to use to course to get my etsy up and running on it's own ($5000 months)...and that's exactly what happened"

Wood craftsman

6 figure business success

Crochet patters

ÂŁ700 with a few simple changes

Claire's shop

Best month of the year so far

Stationery and planner shop

Best every weekend after a few changes

Creative studio

Lucy's on track to beat her 6 figure business goal

Katie's shop

What a difference a day makes

Candle shop

Lindas biggest order

Gift card shop

Conversion rate is up to 7.5%

Handmade specialist gifts

Allina has had her 5000 sale

Jewellery shop

Can you guess when Jennifer joined?

Wood craftsman

$15k sales in 1 month

Pet gift shop

13.8% conversion rate !!

Wood craftsman

Visits skyrocketing within a month

Wood craftsman

Keep the faith and trust the process

Gift cards

Avi's conversion is at 10%

HBSA student

The investment is worth every penny

Fitness planners

Nancy is now hyper focused on what she's doing and learning

Designer and illustrator 

An increase in conversion rate from 1.3% o 3.3%


So far 34k views on one video

Gary's shop

First double digit selling day

Handmade boutique

Celebrating those sales

Students shop

Revenue is up 839%

Amy's shop

2 Etsy bestsellers


Best sales week

Bespoke dried flowers & seasonal decor

Stacey is on track to make over ÂŁ6200 in 4 weeks

Sarah's shop

Sarah is celebrating her 5000th sale !!

Jewellery shop

Consistent 4 figure months since joining the HBSA

Jewellery shop

The HBSA has helped Jayne change the direction of her business

Wedding planning service

Jennifer has got her 2 biggest sales, thanks to focusing on customer service

Digital print shop

A 6 figure business !!! 

Pet supply shop

A 5* review and the HBSA has paid for itself !!! 

Leonie shop

A 5* review and the course has helped Leonie beyond expectation with the ongoing support, live calls and community

Karen's shop

Feels so supported...for the first time in 7 years

Pet jar shop

$400 days...business is booming

Wedding stationery shop

Jennifer's shop is getting 5* reviews

Sensory toy shop

Celebrating 1000 sales !!!

Apparel and pride shop

The HBSA is changing lives 

Chocolate shop

A top chef wants to stock Vicky's chocolate 

HBSA student's shop

From a hobby to a full time wage