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The Insanely Successful 6-Figure Etsy Ads Strategy starting from $1 a day

get more traffic pricing and financials Nov 11, 2023

Whether you're new to Etsy or an established shop owner, in this blog I will walk you through my simple yet insanely successful Etsy Ads strategy starting from $1 a day, that's helped me scale my 6-figure handmade business. πŸš€

Etsy Ads sometimes seem like this magic ticket to get sales, to boost traffic! Some people even feel that Etsy is a pay to play platform, which I don't necessarily agree with but I can see if your not getting views then it can maybe seem that way. 

Today I want to talk you through my Etsy Ads strategy that took me from 0 to a 6 figure Etsy shops. 

TOP TIP  Do not turn your ads on for your ENTIRE shop! This is the fastest way for your budget to get eaten up super quickly especially if you have a budget of under $10 a day.

It is proven that 75% of your profits come from 25% of your product catalogue so don't spend all your Ad money on listings that are not converting sales. 

So that tells us to put ads on our best selling items, the items are that are proven to sell  over and over again.

So How Do I Use Etsy Ads

I will put a $1 a day on each of my best selling products, so if I want to advertise 5 of my products I will put $1 a day on each of them making my daily budget $5. If I had 10 best selling products my total budget would be $10. 

Etsy Ads tools are really good, you have a toggle to turn your ads on and off and they have a list of all the keyword phrases that have been used to search for your products and if any of these phrases are not really matching your products you can actually go in and turn these off. I would recommend to leave any Etsy Ads changes for at least a week to let them run through, let them test as much as they can. You need to check your Etsy Ads at least once a week, you could even do it daily if you want to have look at what key words phrases have been working really really well. What you need to remembers Etsy Ads is simply building on the information that you have already given it. So the title, the tags, attributes, description, etc. so Etsy Ads is building on that.

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It can be beneficial to make a copy of a listing that is performing well and add lots of Christmas keyword phrases and add maybe $3 a day budget to give it a boost. This is something I have done when I wanted to boost seasonal sales or if there is a Black Friday product I want to boost.

  • Make sure your Ads budget is used on listings that are already converting well
  • Have a healthy budget - $1 a day per listing is a good budget 
  • If you really want to boost a well converting listing I would do $3 a day

Check your Listings SEO before you use Etsy Ads 

Make sure your SEO is accurate. If it is not accurate you are going to be using up your budget for keyword phrases that are not relevant to your listing. For example if you are selling a unicorn party invite but in the tags you have 'unicorn tumbler'........You are going to be using up your Ads budget because they might be clicking on it but they didn't even want to buy that product in the first place. So make sure you are aware of this before putting Ads on. 

What should the Return On Investment (ROI) be?

Your ROI should be between $2 - $2.5 on your spend. If you are spending $1 on your ad then you should be getting $2 - $2.5 back on that spend as a general rule of thumb. If you are getting less than I would check the listings that you are spending money on, are they listings that are selling well fro you, is the SEO, Title and Tags accurate enough, is your budget high enough for that particular item. If you are getting more than $2-$2.5 on your ads spend, BIG pat not the back fro you because now you havre a money slot machine that you can put your money into and more money will come out.

Is the listing you are advertising PROFITABLE? the last thing you want to do is drive sales to a listing that is not bringing you in a lot or any profit in the first place. 

Check list 

  • Identify your best sellers 
  • Check they are profitable 
  • Check you SEO, Titles, Tags etc. 
  • Decide on your Ad budget and start advertising 
  • Decide when you are going to check how your Ads are doing, look at the keywords being used, check your ROI
  • Decide if you need to stop Ads, put more money into them, change any of your listings. 


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