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πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Can you have a handmade business without social media? 🀯

Listen to this blog post as a Podcast instead 'Can you have a handmade business without social media?'


A question I'm asked on a regular basis is "do I have to be on social media to make...

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πŸš€ What should I sell in my handmade business? πŸ’°3 questions to ask

Listen to this blog post as a Podcast instead 'What should I sell in my handmade business?'





Starting a new online handmade business comes with its fair share of...

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Are your Etsy sales slow? Top 3 things to review. How to get more Etsy sales

Are you struggling to get Etsy sales? Are your listings getting little or no views? Do you have a low conversion rate on Etsy?

In this blog I’ll explain why your Etsy sales are a flop and the...

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Find the best social media platform for your business in 4 easy steps

Do you need help finding the best social media platform for your handmade business? If so, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Is your target market on the platform you're using?

First things...

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How to make Etsy sales without social media

If you’ve spent any time searching for how to generate lots of Etsy sales without harnessing the power of social media, you’ve probably been bombarded with an endless amount of...

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How to run Etsy Ads

I'm going to be showing you how to turn on Etsy ads and a few little tips and tricks.

How to find Etsy ads?

So to go to Etsy ads, you want to go to the marketing tab and click Etsy ads. It’s...

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20 Social Media Content Ideas For Handmade Business!

 I wanted to share with you 20 social media content ideas for your handmade business. 

Before I get into this though I just wanted to share with you we are in the process of creating a...

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 Threads by Instagram hit the world by storm when it burst through the metaphorical social media doors last Thursday, but what actually is it?


You may have seen those little...

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How to use social media marketing for your etsy shop when you HATE social media 😑

So guys today I am talking about marketing on social media , when you hate social media!! I won't say I hate social media but I do find the negative side of social media does have more air time...

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How to make Sales on Etsy without using Social Media

Today we are talking about how to make sales on Etsy without using social media. I know like every single person and video will say to you, you need to be on social media to get Etsy sales, WELL I...

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