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Top 3 Ways to Optimise Your Listings

I wanted to talk to you about the top 3 ways to optimise your Etsy listings. This is looking ahead, as I write this we are well into Q4 so the Christmas orders will be coming in, I know a lot of my...

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The Insanely Successful 6-Figure Etsy Ads Strategy starting from $1 a day

Whether you're new to Etsy or an established shop owner, in this blog I will walk you through my simple yet insanely successful Etsy Ads strategy starting from $1 a day, that's helped me scale my...

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5 things to do when you Audit your Etsy shop to make more sales

I'm walking you through the 5 things to do when you audit and elevate your Etsy shop for more sales and success.

I would say there are 5 main things to look at when going through your shop. If you...

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How to rank higher on Etsy search results in 2023

Today I am going to give you 3 tips so you can rank higher in search results. Now if you have been with me for a while you, these things may not be new but I really they are things we need...

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How to make Sales on Etsy without using Social Media

Today we are talking about how to make sales on Etsy without using social media. I know like every single person and video will say to you, you need to be on social media to get Etsy sales, WELL I...

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How long does it REALLY take to grow a successful Etsy shop?

Today we're talking about how long it really takes to grow a successful Etsy shop, and I'll be sharing some Etsy growth hacks to get your first 100 sales. These hacks could potentially double your...

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The Lazy Marketers Way Of Getting Etsy Sales

Today we're talking about the lazy marketers way of getting Etsy sales. Calling yourself a lazy marketer is not a bad thing.

Lazy marketers are one of the best marketers out there because they're...

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How To Start Getting ‘Favoured’ By The Etsy Algorithm

In this blog post, we're going to be talking about how to get favoured by the Etsy algorithm, and it will explain why a lot of older listings (and perhaps why a lot of older listings from...

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How to Increase Etsy Sales With These 7 SEO Hacks

Today we are talking about how to increase Etsy sales with these 7 SEO hacks. We're going to be talking about Etsy SEO in 2023. 


1. Look at the Etsy search bar

I really feel like the...

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WHEN SHOULD YOU RUN ETSY ADS? How to know when your shop is ready

'When am I ready to run Etsy ads?' is the question I have been asked quite a lot recently in my Facebook group (join here). 

This blog post is going to answer how to know when your shop is...

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