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5 Digital Product Ideas That All Etsy Shops Can Use

make more sales starting a handmade business Jan 24, 2023

Today we are going to be talking about 5 digital product ideas that all Etsy shops can use. 

I'm a big fan of expanding your income base, and getting as many sources of income from your business as possible. That's not to be confused with putting as many different products into your shop as you possibly can though. That's two very different things.

Instead, utilise your business that you've already built, the brand that you already have, the customer base that you already have and create passive income products from that. 


1. Digital gift tags

You can sell digital branded gift tags that your customers can buy from your shop, print off at home on paper or card, and write their own message directly onto the gift tag. 

You can be very creative here. Make it branded, fun and relevant to your product. You could charge anywhere between £1-£3 for it, and immediately it is a digital upsell and you don't need to have any involvement in the fulfilment process at all. 


2. E-books

Selling E-books that compliment a product in your shop is a great idea. Think about a product that you may have that may need an explanation or demonstration.

For example, if you knit hats, scarves or cardigans, you could always include an E-book that shows what pattern you are using, so that if the customer wants to have a go at that pattern, then they can try it. 

You could always create kits to go along with this too. 


3. Digital gift wrap

Yes, this is a thing! Quite a lot of people nowadays have A3 printers where they can print on quite thin paper and print their own gift wrap. PLUS! It's recyclable which we all love. 

Create your own branded gift wrap on Canva and get the customer to print it off and wrap the gift themselves. This is especially great if you sell smaller items like jewellery. 


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4. Personalised card

Creating an A5/ A6 sized personalised card that compliments your item is also a fab way to make more money in your Etsy shop. 

You can create greetings cards in Canva, and then create 5-6 listings of different designs in your Etsy shop. 

I do this all the time in my shop. I create a little message card that goes along with my jewellery, and people can buy them as a digital downloads, or physically with the product. It's an amazing way to allow people to create a truly special gifting opportunity.


5. Gift vouchers

You can create gift vouchers or even a little stamp card. Make it easy for people to spend money in your shop, and give them the opportunity to buy a physical gift voucher. 

It's super easy to create a gift voucher. All you need to do is create a discount code within your Etsy shop and put that code into a gift voucher design template on Canva (and make the voucher itself branded and clear to the buyer and receiver what it is), upload the template design to a listing on Etsy and when the customer buys it, they'll get the code sent directly to their Etsy inbox/ email. 


I've focused heavily on gift wrap through this blog post, and that's because a lot of Etsy sellers sell items that can be used as gifts, so why not tap into that industry further and profit off of that? Why not give them everything that they need to gift the perfect gift? 


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