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5 Etsy Digital Products That Make £1000 Per Month

make more sales starting a handmade business Jan 17, 2023

We are going to be talking about 5 Etsy digital products that make £1000 a month.

To find out how I KNOW that they make £1000 a month, please watch my YouTube video that I created this blog post from HERE.

1. Planner Bundles

People love it when they can buy matching planners for different areas of their lives, for example, food planner, health planner, exercise planner, life planner, business planner etc. 

They love to feel organised and keep themselves motivated and on track. Planners can help with this. Especially digital planners, they tend to be a little outlay for the customer, but often with big rewards.

From the research I did in the video, one shop was earning £6000+ a month selling these planner bundles. 


2. Branding Elements

As a 6 figure business owner, if there's anything that can potentially save me any amount of time (trackers, logo bundles, Etsy shop packages etc), then I will pay money for them. My time is money at the end of the day. 

When I researched this topic, business branding elements (logos, cover images, social media graphic bundles, Instagram Reel templates, Instagram story templates) are rising in popularity. This is especially true now that more and more people are taking responsibility with their financial future to make some extra money.

I found that a seller on Etsy made £10,000+ a month selling branding elements.


3. Templates

Business card templates, thank you card templates, email templates, invoice templates, CV templates, website templates etc

Whenever you can help someone to save time or achieve a task in a better and faster way, that will make you money.

I found that CV templates were doing really really well because there's a lot of people moving jobs right now, and always will be. 

They can download a CV template that makes it look like they've spent a bit more time and effort than a quick note on Word, will be much more appealing to an employer.

In my research, I looked at CV templates and found that one seller on Etsy was earning £8000+ a month. 


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4. SVG Files

These are for the Cricut machines, and big bundles for these were super popular. 

You can start to see a bit of a theme here. People are wanting to come to Etsy and open a shop, so what do they need? They need bundles of SVG files.

If you go onto YouTube, there are hundreds of videos showing you how to make SVG files.

SVG files are not just for business owners. They're also for people who want to use the for personal use, for example to personalise some cups for their child's birthday party. 

The research I did into SVG files, I found a seller on Etsy making £2000+ per month. This is slightly less than the other digital items that I have researched so far, but still considerably more than the £1000 a month target we were aiming for. 


5. Font bundles & stock photography bundles 

Font bundles are amazing for those who are creating wedding invitations and prints. 

Stock photographs are great for those Etsy sellers that may not have the money to hire a professional photographer, or maybe their doing print on demand services and are not getting hold of the product to take a physical picture of it.

If you are handy with a camera and can take a few mockup up images for people to use, then you'll certainly be making more than £1000 a month. 

From the research I did in the video, I found that a seller on Etsy was making £5000+ a month selling font bundles and £3000+ a month selling T-shirt stock photography. 


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