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Give Etsy buyers a flawless customer experience for guaranteed 5 star reviews

etsy 101 basics make more sales starting a handmade business Sep 13, 2023

Dreaming of more 5 star reviews in your Etsy shop? Well today I am going to be talking about how to guarantee you give your buyers a flawless customer experience always πŸ₯³ 

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So, we know that 5 star reviews are really one of the top 3 things that really start to boost your shop without changing anything else! 

When you get 5 star reviews this gives Etsy the little thumbs up saying Hey! people really love this product, they love this shop, this shop is doing really good, its not scamming anyone, its not annoying people. Its a GODD SHOP and has GOOD PRODUCTS! 

So getting a 5 star review is like top of your list! They are not just good for the algorithm, they are good for things like social proof. 

Etsy New Tool: They are currently rolling out a new quick way to share your reviews on social media on the Etsy App!! Hopefully you have this now as its so much easier to share your reviews with your customers! 

Hoe do we make sure we give customers the best experience possible? 

1. Communicate Every Step of The Way!

I think we can sometimes forget that people might be new to Etsy, they maybe new to the platform or new to you, so as much reassurance you can give them the better. Its not like them placing an order in a high street store they know well like Boots, or on Amazon where they know everything is going to be fine. They could be ordering a special gift for a wedding, Christmas, a bereavement gift for example and the gift could be a meaningful gift that they really care about, so keeping them up to date with every step helps them to trust it will arrive beautifully and safely. 

When to communicate

  • Send an automated message when they place their order (you can set this up in the back end of Etsy in settings/options/messages)
  • When the order has been shipped - Etsy does send an automated shipping notification but you may want to personalise this by sending them a message through Etsy. 
  • 3 days after the item shipped (or when you think the item will have been delivered) - You can check everything is ok and then you can ask them for a review at this point. 
  • When they have left a review message them to say thank you and if you choose to offer a returning customer discount you could send that too. 

These are great places to communicate with your customers and it also helps to manage expectations of the customer and help prevent any potential issues.

You want to try and get some sort of verbal/written response from every single customer, this could be a message of thanks, it could be a social media shout out, it doesn't just have to be a 5 star review on Etsy. 

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2. Create a simple buying experience 

I see so many people making their buying process so complicated! A confused customer will never buy so if you do have a product which requires more than add item to cart and press buy, then I would HIGHLY recommend you add an infographic to your images explaining how to buy and add it to your descriptions as well and if it applies across the whole shop I would add to your shop announcement too. 

As we know a confused mind says no! Studies have shown that conversion rate does drop the more complicated the buying process is, it could be that people are trying to purchase when they are out and about on their phones and don't have time to work out all the different steps, it could be that people just don't understand the process. 

So make sure everyone will know how to place an order. Literally walk through the process with screenshot images to show customers what to do. 

This is particularly important for people who do a lot of custom orders, like art, pet portraits or something similar to make sure people know exactly how they are going to get the information across to you. 

3. Create an unforgettable unboxing Experience 

When your parcel gets delivered to your customer, this is the FIRST physical contact they have had with you, your brand, your product, so you want to make this memorable. I have to say there have been times when I have a less than stellar unboxing experience to put it nicely and it has really let the whole order down.

If you sell earrings and you pop them in a clear bag and drop them into a Jiffy bag and post them, this is not really enough to build your brand and connect with your customer because this really should extend out in every aspect and every customer touch point in your business.

When that item comes through the door that's the first contact with your brand so make it a really great unboxing experience for your customers. You want your customer to love opening their order and make them feel special. 

It doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant 

  • you can use the scratch off sticker cards to offer a discount
  • a little hand written thank you card with your logo stamped on it 
  • a care card for the product with a little message 
  • branded ribbon could be added to a box or package 
  • If you are a digital seller your extension of the brand will be in the files themselves, so it could be having things like little branded video show to use it, you could offer a supplementary freebie so if you sell birthday cards you could include a gift tag that matches for example. 

I hope you found these 3 tips helpful and they help you get more 5 Star reviews for your shop! 


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