How Etsy SEO is changing in 2022

Jun 07, 2022

If you don't understand Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) then you are in the right place!

I'm going to fully explain SEO to you and give you my biggest tips so that you can make more sales on Etsy.

If you'd prefer to visually watch me explain SEO, then you can watch my YouTube video HERE


So, let's get into it.


Imagine you have a bunch of sheep (go with me here!), and you are the shepherd

The sheep represent your customers (or your ideal target market) who are naturally attracted to your item, and your job is to herd them to your listings using a sheepdog called 'Keywords'. 

(Are you still with me?)


The sheep may not even know that they want your item, but you do. That's because you've done your target market research and you know that these sheep want your item.


So, how do you herd your sheep to your listing? Well you need to choose the right sheepdog (keywords) to do so. 



You also have other new sheep too:

  • You have sheep that don't live where you do, they live in a different country and they describe your item by a different word.
  • You have sheep who are looking for a gift for their mum
  • You have sheep who just LOVE the colour red. 


Now, these sheep don't like your original sheepdog. They don't come when he barks. They're not bothered for him, and he isn't the right dog for the job for them (he's great for your original sheep/ target market though, so we'll keep him).


We need to find the right sheepdogs for our new sheep.


So, imagine you sell jumpers (or sweaters if you're not from the UK), and your original listing is 'Woollen knitted jumper with stars'.


The sheep who wants to buy a gift for his mum may be searching for 'gift for mum' or 'birthday gift for mum', so your jumper isn't going to appear in his search results.

You have to get the right keywords (sheepdog) to herd this new sheep to your listing using different keywords to your original listing. In this case, you could use 'woollen knitted jumper for mum' or 'jumper gift for mum'.

Now, the sheep who lives in a different country needs an entirely different dog to help him get to your listing. That's because he doesn't know what a jumper is, instead, he calls a jumper a sweatshirt. He needs a dog that knows about sweatshirts, not jumpers to get him to your listing. 

So you need to use keyword phrases that have the word 'sweatshirt' in them - 'woollen knitted sweatshirt' for example.


Your final sheep LOVES the colour red. You're going to use a completely different sheepdog to get him to your listing because he just loves the colour red, and so he needs a sheepdog (or keywords) that has red in their name, 'red woollen knitted jumper'.


Now, all of these sheepdogs don't fit into your 1 listing with only 13 tags and limited title space. In this case, I want you to duplicate the original listing, and keyword them for your different breeds of sheep.


You might have heard me say to use different 'SEO hats', this is what I mean. This is just referring to duplicating your listings to attract different people by using different keywords.


One really important way to think of these dogs is to think of them as little sales people. If a dog (or keyword) is doing a really great job and herding the sheep to you no problem at all, and getting you lots of sales, then he can stay! We do not want to get rid of this dog. 


If you have a dog who isn't doing so well, and his conversion rate is very low (or the amount of sheep he is losing in the process is very high), then we need to change him out for a dog that fits better. 


Think of these dogs as having their own conversion rate, and you need the dog who has the highest conversion rate. What you would do as a shepherd to get the best dogs in your listing? Well, you would ask:

  • 'why is this dog doing so much better than the others?'
  • 'what is it about these dogs that is working really really well?'
  • 'what elements can I take from the lessons that I have learned from training the other successful dogs and train this new dog' (AKA what titles tags and keywords have worked well in the other listings?).
  • Also think about your photos, copy, and branding to make your listing the best it can be and to help the dog perform better.


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I hope that all makes sense for you. If it doesn't, you may benefit from watching me visually explain it over on my youtube channel HERE.


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