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How to BULK edit listing titles & tags on Etsy 2023

starting a handmade business technology to grow your business Jul 05, 2023

Today I wanted to show you how you can BULK edit your titles and tags in your Etsy shop. So if for example you have tags and titles for Christmas, Valentines day etc. and you want to change them? This is how you do that to multiple listings all at the same time! 

Draft Listing Folder 

If you go to your draft listing folder, here's mine below so you can see what that looks like. 

Editing Your Titles

Now you want to select the listings you want to change. So I will choose the listings and then select editing options, and then we want to edit the titles first, you need to change titles and tags separately. So select edit title

Here you can now edit your title, you can add to either the front or end of your title. The find and replace function is really really helpful, especially lets say you want to find Christmas gift and replace it with key phrase Mothers day gift you can do that here. TOP TIP - If it doesn't find the words Christmas Gift in your title it WON"T replace it so it won't just add random stuff in there.

You can also delete and reset the title as well but I wouldn't recommend using these 2 options, especially if your listings are live! 

πŸ‘‰πŸ»NEVER ever! Edit a listing that is performing really really well!


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Editing Your Tags 

If you want to edit your tags, you can do this in the exact same way. Just select Edit tags from the drop down menu. 

You can then Add or Remove tags to your listings by selecting the options in the drop down menu. Again if you wanted to remove Christmas gift and add Mothers day gift you can do this here for all the listings you have selected. 

I hope you found this super helpful! β€οΈ


If you'd prefer me to visually teach you this blog post, then you can watch it HERE.

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