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How to create and edit shipping profiles on Etsy

starting a handmade business technology to grow your business Jun 28, 2023

Today I thought I would go through your shipping profiles or delivery profiles depending on where you are from. I feel like people can get really confused by this and its actually a really simple thing so I thought I would walk you through it and show you how I use the profiles in my shop. 

If you go into your Etsy shop manager on your desktop computer, click settings and select delivery you will be shown this screen where you can create a range of shipping profiles for your shop.

Delivery Profile

So for example if like me the vast majority of your items ship at exactly the same time, take the same time to make, you can just create like an all in one. You can create a profile name, country where it ships from, postcode or PO Box Code, you can select processing time and theres an option to add a custom range as well so if you don't see the one you want here you can add your own. 


TOP TIP  Always UNDER promise and OVER deliver. 

So you dont want to say its going to be with your customer within 1- 3 working days if its actually going be 2-4 working days.In the section Standard Delivery (see image below) you will see the places you deliver too and how long these take to deliver the item, after you have dispatched it. I always increase the length of the delivery time so that can really get in that under promise and over deliver! 

I also dont select the delivery providers like Royal Mail, Hermes, USPS or anything like that I actually just use Other because a lot of the time their shipping estimates are a lot lower than they actually are in real life so I tend to use the other section.  

Other Locations

You can also add other locations here as well, there is a whole list of all the different countries you can ship to. I personally just deliver to where I am, in the UK, US and EU to keep it really really easy.


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Delivery Upgrades 

You can also add in Delivery Upgrades here as well. Dont forget to UNDER PROMISE & OVER DELIVER by changing the estimated delivery times. The last thing you want is customers asking where their items are especially at busy times. 


I have also created another profile called Pre-Order! So this means that if an item sells out and its going to take me 1 - 2 weeks to get supplies through or maybe things are delayed, I still put the listings live so that people can buy it but I extend the time out for delivery - Just a cool little trick on how you can use your delivery profiles. 

So let's say you have a few sold out items and you want to bulk edit your shipping profiles, you can do that over in your listings page using your draft listings.  For example if you have 2 necklace listings that are that are essentially the same and they are taking a lot of time to get the chain through for example. I can select both listing using the little boxes (see below image) and Select edit options at the top of the screen and change delivery options to Pre-Order and you can unlink them as well here. 

Select ListingsπŸ‘‡πŸ» 


   Change shipping profile πŸ‘‡πŸ»  



I hope you have enjoyed this quick, cool little ways tutorial on how to use the shipping profiles in your Etsy Shop. 

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