How To Rank Higher On Etsy

Jul 12, 2022

In this blog post, I'm going to be explaining 5 ways in which you can rank higher on Etsy within 30 days or less.

1. Influence Yourself

Lots of Etsy sellers tell me that they feel like the Etsy algorithm is out of their hands, but this isn't the case. 

You can influence the customer and market experience score of the algorithm by getting 5* reviews.

5* reviews shows Etsy that customers are loving your shop and your items. When your customers buy from you, you are giving them a 5* experience, and therefore Etsy will start to promote your shop and show it to more people. 

If your customers don't leave reviews, you can absolutely message them on Etsy to ask them to leave a review up to 100 days after purchasing. 

I have a video that you can send to your customers to show them how to leave a review. Watch and save the video HERE.

Your message could say:

"Hey, thank you for your recent purchase from my shop. As a small business owner, I heavily rely on the feedback that I get from my wonderful customers.

I would love it if you would be able to take 2 minutes out of your day to leave me a review. It would really mean the world to me, and I'll do a little happy dance when you leave me a review. 

If you're unsure how to leave a review, this handy and super quick YouTube video explains how:

Kind regards, 
*Your name*"


What I have noticed from my testing on Etsy is that when you receive a 5* review on a product, that listing gets a little boost in search, so with that in mind, make sure to send your customers a follow up message asking for a review. 


2. About Section & Shop Policies

Etsy likes you to fill in your about section, but I want you to go one step further.

People buy from people, so the more honest, open and detailed you can be in your about section the better. 

Use photos and videos in your about section. Show your workspace, show you making that item, or simply show the item in use. 

There are so many things that you can do in your about section to get that human to human connection.

This will help to increase your conversion rate, and Etsy will love it and show you higher in search too. 

Your shop policies need to be clear too. A confused buyer doesn't buy. If your shop policies are not filled out, and customers are not sure about your returns policy, what will happen if they have a problem after they purchase? They're just not going to buy from you. 

Etsy knows this, and bases your ranking on your about section and your shop policies being fully complete. 


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3. Plan Ahead For Holidays

Ideally, you want to plan ahead for 3-4 months AT LEAST!

Think about making new listings, or duplicating your existing listings, and putting new holiday keywords into them such as Christmas keywords, Valentine's Day keywords and Mother's/ Father's Day keywords. 

Do not do this 2-4 weeks before and expect there to be a massive income rush of people buying your item, because a lot of people get their shopping done 3-4 months in advance for holidays. 

Not only that, but it can take Etsy 30-90 days to crawl and rank your listing in search. If you're doing this 2-4 weeks before, you're actually completely missing the boat for Etsy to crawl and rank your item in search.

There's always going to be a holiday, or event or occasion that you can use in your business to get more sales. Brainstorm at least 3-4 per year, and you will have 3-4 events per year that you can use different keywords for.


4. Consider Your Customer Journey

Instead of talking about complicated SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) stuff, I'm just going to put it in a real simple way:

Bob is looking for a green clay bud vase, but he doesn't know how to describe what he's looking for when he first comes to Etsy.

Instead, Bob just types in the word 'vase'. 

Now, he gets LOTS of overwhelming results that he can't be bothered to scroll through them all. He finds bamboo vases, wooden vases, long neck vases, glass vases and so many different kinds of vases.

Instead, Bob tries to narrow down the search and types in 'green vase'. 

This helps to narrow down the thousands of results that come through. But, it's still not what he wants.

Now Bob types in 'green clay vase' and narrows down his results even further. 

He's almost there, but not quite, so Bob finally types in 'green clay bud vase' and see's exactly what he's looking for. 

Now, I want you to consider your customer journey when it comes to keywords. Don't use single or even double keywords just saying 'jewellery', 'necklace', or 'vase'. 

Use longer tailed keyword phrases that people are actually searching for. Don't go to the other end of the spectrum and use really long keyword phrases such as 'green clay bud vase with holes in for lavender', because no one is going to be searching for that. 

Don't worry about complicated SEO hacks or tools, just think of your customers like the real human beings that they are, consider how they would search for your item, and use that keyword phrase. 


5. Sprinkle Keywords In Your Description

Etsy have very recently said that they will start crawling descriptions for keywords to help in search. However, I've been teaching this method for years, because although this is very new to Etsy, Google has always crawled descriptions for keywords. 

So, you need to sprinkle your keywords into your description. I would concentrate on the first third of your description mostly. 

Don't keyword stuff your phrases at the top of your description, instead describe your item using keywords in a way that your customers can read it. Remember, customers are human, they need to be able to read your description and make sense of it. 


If you would prefer to watch me visually teach everything I've spoken about in this blog post, you can watch my YouTube video HERE.


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