How To Start Getting ‘Favoured’ By The Etsy Algorithm

Nov 29, 2022

In this blog post, we're going to be talking about how to get favoured by the Etsy algorithm, and it will explain why a lot of older listings (and perhaps why a lot of older listings from bigger shops that have terrible SEO and terrible pictures) are getting sales. 

I do get those questions quite a lot from you guys. Asking why you're listing new things in your shop but your really old listings are still selling really well, and why you're going into your competitors shop and they have listings that are terrible, but they are getting sales.

This blog post is going to explain a little bit more about that.

As you know, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) + traffic = sales

We know that having good keywords and getting good traffic will equal sales. 

When you sell something on Etsy, it is more than likely that it will sell again. Why this works is that when you get your first sale, let's say on a listing that is 4 months old and has never sold before until today, that listing will then start to sell again and again. 

What has happened is that when you had your first sale of that item, it sends what is essentially a 'trust signal' to the Etsy algorithm which says that someone has just bought this item, and that they need to be showing it to more people, and that's what they do.

Depending on the keywords used, Etsy's algorithm will start to show the listing to more and more people. This means that it will get higher and higher in the search results, and that is why you start to get more sales on that item. 

This is what a lot of people call 'getting favoured' in the Etsy algorithm. 

I want you to understand that to get to that point where you're starting to get the ball rolling and get sales, it can be a really long uphill battle, and you might feel quite disheartened. 

When it comes to trust, that isn't just an algorithm thing, it's also a human to human thing too. Trust is a huge factor. Don't forget that people coming in from Etsy search won't trust you because they won't know who you are, BUT, the higher the conversion rate that you have on your listings, the more likely you are to be shown to people coming in.

You want to think of trust signals as two fold. Think of it as a trust signal being sent to the Etsy algorithm to say this listing is doing really well, it's popular right now, this shop has sales history, it has great reviews, it is doing really well, customers like it and we want to push this listing. And then the human trust aspect of things as well, where people are coming in and they're finding your listing and then they're going to your shop and seeing that you have great reviews, and seeing that your brand has exactly what they want. 


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So to put all of that into a nutshell, the higher the conversion rate you have on individual listings AKA the more sales you are getting from the views that you are bringing in, the more likely Etsy will push you because they trust you, and they know that the humans that are viewing the listing are also going to trust you as well. 

Before, we spoke about 'the wait', where you've had a listing on Etsy for 4 months with no sales, and then all of a sudden it gets sales. Well, how do we shrink that timeline? How do we only make it 2, 3 or 4 weeks? How do we make that timeline smaller? 

Well the best way to do that is to send your own traffic to get a boost on that listing. Essentially, when you have a shop, marketing is split down the middle. It can either be organic which means free, or it will be paid. 

I don't want you to think that organic marketing as being the best because it's free, because you will be paying one way or other. Organic although free monetary wise, means that you'll be spending a lot of time and energy bringing those people in with social media and content. Whereas with paid marketing, you're just handing over some money and whatever platform you're using is doing that work for you. 

You want to get a boost for your listings using your own traffic sources, so that could be things like social media, Etsy SEO, Etsy ads and running Facebook ads, partnering up and doing a joint venture with someone else, doing an influencer campaign etc, but that is the thing that is going to get you favoured in the Etsy algorithm and it will shrink that timeline down for you.


If you'd prefer me to visually teach you this blog post, then you can watch it HERE.


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