How To Use Social Media to Make Etsy Sales

Jul 05, 2022

This blog post is all about how to make sales on Etsy using social media, and how to be consistent with social media.

So let's get into it...


1. Schedule 30 days ahead

Our energy/ motivation goes through peaks and troughs, and this is completely normal.

So, my top tip is to schedule your social media posts when you are having a peak week. 

Schedule 30 days a head. This is so that when life gets busy, or you have an influx of orders, you can still remain consistent with your social media posts. 

The main way that I made more sales with my social media, was to be consistent.

BUT! Be consistent with content that your audience likes and resonates with. It's pointless to be consistent with content that they're not fussed about and scroll on past.

If your social media posts are not getting much interaction, I would advise that you take a look at who your target market actually are, go and find them, interact with them and create content that you know they'll love.


2. Do not carefully curate your feed

I know that a pretty instagram feed is pleasing on your eye, but honestly, your customers do not care that much about your layout anymore.

Remember, Instagram now defaults to your videos feed instead of your grid feed, so a pretty feed isn't that much of a big deal like it used to be. 

The psychology of marketing and selling is that people need to feel like they connect with you, so your homework after reading this blog post is to take an unprofessional photo of yourself, your desk, your workspace and just post it. 

Be real and authentic and your target market will LOVE it. 

3. Use content buckets

Curate at least 4 content buckets that you fill up whenever you have spare time, of content pieces that are proven to work for you. You can check your stats to find this out, but it is those posts that have the most likes, comments, shares and saves.

You need to have one product bucket where you actively market your own product and ask for the sale. The other buckets need to be what your target market like to see/ resonate with.

A few examples are:

  • Product posts
  • Quotes 
  • Memes
  • Behind the scenes
  • How to... posts

If you have content buckets, then you will never run out of ideas of what to post. Content buckets help you to schedule your social media posts well in advance. 


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4. Repurpose content

Do not be afraid to repeat yourself or to say the same thing again. This is true even more so with Facebook and Instagram because if your followers haven't been on your feed or seen your stories for 24 hours, the chances are that they have not seen your last 3 posts. 

We will repurpose content here at Handmade Bosses, and we have a 6 monthly rolling schedule to repeat the best performing posts/ content. And guess what? No one has ever said "Steph, what the heck are you doing, you've said this already!". 

I don't think anyone has even noticed. Now it gets to the point where I only have to schedule a few new social media posts, the other half is repurposed content that I've already previously used. 

How amazing would that be knowing that every month, you technically only have to create and schedule 14 posts, if that?

The same is true for your captions too! If you have a caption that people absolutely LOVED, then repurpose that caption, and just change the picture. Don't be afraid to repurpose the content that your customers love. 


5. Call to actions 

Whenever someone reaches out to me on social media asking for help saying "Steph, I'm just not making sales, what can I do?", I always go to their feed and stalk them.

95% of the time I look at these profiles and I do not see a call to action.

How does a customer know what to do next once they've read/ seen your post? 

A call to action is exactly that. You are calling the customer to take an action. Whether that's 'go and view this thing!', 'add to cart', 'favourite this listing', 'sign up for my email list', or you could simply and directly say 'purchase now, click here'. 

You can be as direct as that. Every single post needs to have a direct and clear next step for people who resonate with your content (and they will do if you know your target audience). 


So, the above 5 pieces of advice will most likely get you an extra 5 sales a week if you are just consistent, you are posting things that connect with your target audience, and posting a direct call to action. 


If you would like to watch me visually teach this blog post, you can watch it HERE.



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