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Running a handmade stall at a Craft Fair? Top tips to be a HUGE success

make more sales target market and niche Apr 04, 2023

Top tips for craft fairs! I go to a lot of craft fairs and I mean a lot and its a very fine line between not interacting at all and being pushy!

I find there is a lot of people who will sit behind their booth and won't interact with you, like the maker will just be sat there on their phone, not looking very approachable. I mean that in the nicest way, I know you guys might be thinking, your feet might be killing you and it might be a long day but I think a smile goes a long way. Just saying like Hi, good morning, how are you or your scarf is lovely.

There's that end of the spectrum and you can go the other way.

I went to a craft fair a couple of weeks ago where the maker was really pushy and I mean really pushy and this is coming from someone who used to work at a high street jewellers where you actually had customer interaction KPI's that you had to hit. So I think sitting in between that bracket is a good thing. 

Interact with them, ask them what they are looking for, what kind of thing they want, and maybe just say you know I've got lots of things behind here that you can't see, is there anything I can help you with, would you like me to show you how its made, or how to use it, depending on what you sell.

It can be really cool to just invite the person into the process. It's like a whole different kettle of fish when you're just walking round endless amounts of booths, ok I actually want to know how this is done, how this is made, so interact with people, invite them into your craft. 

I think it's really important to find the right one. My friend did a craft fair, it was more of an event at the local uni before Christmas time and she was like it was awful! It was horrible, nobody bought, people were just like oh yeah its nice and just walking away.

It's really important to find the right craft fair with the right target market.

Every single craft fair has their own target market and it's really important that you find yours. 

So next time you plan to go to a craft fair think about these top tips 

  • Interact with your customer- if your feeling a little nervous have a little think before you go to your fair about what things you might ask or say as customers come over to your stall. 
  • Smile and look approachable - pretend your feet aren't killing you and your desperate for a rest!
  • Think about how you can invite your customer in - can you make your products at your stall, show video or images on a screen/photographs of your process/workshop, can you demonstrate how to use your products. 
  • Before you book any craft fair, RESEARCH! is your target market going to be there? 

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