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Saturated Etsy Niche? Here's How To stand Out In 2023

social media and marketing target market and niche Feb 07, 2023

 πŸ‘‹πŸ» Today we are talking about how to get seen on Etsy when you are in a saturated market! 

Before we really get into this, I just want to say that I am probably one of the best people to give you advice on a saturated niche, because I sell jewellery! Probably the MOST saturated niche on Etsy, on most platforms to be honest and I still made it a 6 figure, full time business! πŸ’΅

So I know a thing or two on how to stand out on Etsy when you are in an oversaturated market! 

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What is your Sub Niche and your Micro Niche? 

So what I really mean by this, is niching down is all in layers. For example, if you say you are in the clothing niche, that is way too broad! Are you in active wear, are you in casual wear? Clothing is the overall big umbrella, then the type of clothing is the next umbrella, the next layer under that is what kind of clothing for example, if it's active wear, what kind of active wear, is it for running, for yoga? 

So you can see its a layered technique. 

I don't just say that I sell jewellery because that is far too broad, instead I focus on meaningful minimalist jewellery, those where my 3 main layers. I also only focus on necklaces so that is another layer. 

So this is how you get seen on Etsy because you actually become like the expert on Meaningful Minimalist Necklaces. 

If you are trying to just beat the system, and gain the system by putting as many types of clothing, or as many jewellery listings in your shop as you can. You are going to be spending so much time and fighting a bit of a losing battle with this because there is always going to be someone who has been on the platform longer, who has more listings than you. So instead of competing like this! Micro and Sub Niche yourself! Find your layer! πŸ”

What are your best selling products? 

What are your best selling products and could you just fill your shop with different variations of that specific type of product? Could you become the expert and go to in your market, in your industry for that particular sub or micro niche? 

The money truly is in the niche! I know you have probably heard everyone talking about Niching. If you want to watch some videos on that I have loads on my YouTube channel to help you with this subject. 

πŸ‘‰πŸ»This is my number one thing to get seen on Etsy when you are in a saturated product market. 

2. Find your Unique Message and Values

This is something I did because I really wanted to have that brand value where I was enabling people perhaps who couldn't find the words to express gratitude, thanks, love and I wanted to incorporate that  into jewellery. So I really wanted it to be a shop where people went to, when they couldn't find the right words or know how to express themselves, but wanted to get their thoughts across to that person. πŸ₯°

So that is my unique message, my unique value. Im not in a high trending market, I'm not doing high fashion jewellery, I'm not doing bright colourful jewellery. Im focusing on my micro niche and my brand message and my values. 

Having helped hundreds, and thousands of Etsy shops and well over 350 in the Handmade Bosses Success Academy, one thing I do find, is there are a lot of business owners coming across the same online as everyone else and that is something you do not want to do. Especially if you are in a saturated market. 

So ask yourself that question, is your business coming across the same as everyone else's? Does everyone else say they make unique gifts, does everyone else say they do this, they do that? It's ok to have similar shops to you but when you are seeing thousands of people in the  search results who are doing a similar thing to you, it's time to start asking some questions? πŸ€”

What is your brand? 

A brand is not just your colours, your logo or your fonts. Whilst all of these things contribute to having a neat and tidy brand. Your brand is exactly that, it is a message you want to get across to people online, so what is that? What is your unique message, what are your values? πŸ˜


3. What is Your USP?

What is your unique angle? Every single Etsy shop should have a sub niche, a micro niche and your unique message and values as a brand but what is your product unique selling point? What is your USP and how does this make your products different to everyone elses? 

I recently bought some earrings from a local craft market, they are big crescent moon shaped earrings and I love them. You may think they are not unusual, but what made them so special was, they were made from recycled bottle caps. Literally this person cleans up the trash and collects the used bottle caps to make into earrings. So her unique angle is cleaning up the planet and making beautiful bright coloured recycled things.  

What is your Unique Product Angle? What does your product do that nobody elses does? Is it made differently to others? Tell me more about how your product is different to everyone elses?

Why are your customers buying from you instead of another business? β­


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