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Should you sell Wholesale products?

wholesale Apr 11, 2023

Do I use Faire to sell wholesale? I've never used a wholesale sight and the reason for that is wholesale is a very T&C's heavy environment and I personally like to have a lot of control over things like payment terms and minimum order amounts and all of that kind of thing. So personally I don't have any experience with Faire per se what I teach is a more of a one on one approach, you are taking the bull by the horns and you are finding your own wholesale clients.  

I prefer to have a smaller amount of wholesale clients but that do more repeat orders from you. At my last job I was like 50/50 doing half of the buying and half of the shop management and that is how we used to do it. We had about 4 suppliers who we bought from over and over again and that kind of opened my eyes. So us as a store never went onto sites like Faire to look for wholesalers so we never did it that way and I think that's what really opened my eyes to that, it can totally be done and it is something that is an add on to the HBSA course.

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We have a whole wholesale, like academy I guess, where I teach you how to find your own wholesalers and line sheets and all the secret little things. Being a buyer myself, you have to sell your brand, a bit like what you do online but you have to sell it in a different way.  You are not only selling your products and the business concept you're also trying to sell a relationship, a business arrangement. You need to show that your products sell, you are ahead of the trends, the quality is really good and you have to prove that. Thats how I work it myself, I dont use Faire. 

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