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The ULTIMATE 6 month Handmade Business Success Planner

etsy 101 basics maker mindset pricing and financials starting a handmade business Sep 06, 2023

If you really want to get your hands on one of my planners then you NEED to get on the waitlist!

Once they are gone they are gone! We only have 500 available because we have used a really high end printers, so they are rather expensive to create. 

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I know you guys have been asking about the planner and wanting to know more about what is going to be in it. So if any these sound like you then this planner is going to be for you! 

1. Setting Goals but you never reach them

Are you the kind of person when January comes you are like, this is going to be my year, I am going to do this, I am going to have this amount of revenue, Im going to grow my Etsy shop to this amount! And then February, March, April comes around you're just still thinking I have this goal but I don't know what my steps are to get there, or you know the steps but there's a lot involved and your looking at this massive to do list and thinking there's a lot for me to do! What I see a lot of is people like, I am going to make £50k from my Etsy shop this year and then by April they are still like in the grind because they don't know what steps to take to get there. 

If this sounds like you, then this is the planner for you . 

This planner is specifically designed for handmade business owners! Whether you sell on Etsy, your own website, Not On The High Street, Ebay, Amazon or where ever you sell, this is for you. I have specifically made it so if you don't sell on Etsy or have like 5 different places that you sell this is for you!

2. Are you a master procrastinator 

Are you there on a Sunday night, next week is going to be my week! I am going to get this done, I'm going to get that done but then like by Friday, Saturday or even the following Sunday you still haven't done these things. Time to get yourself the Ultimate 6 month Handmade Business Success Planner.

3. Endless To Do Lists 

Or maybe you are one of these guys who has the endless to do list, you have the physical in person to do list, you have an online to do list like Google calendar, Asana and you're like I have got a list there, I have got my physical list on my desk and you spend your time making sure the lists sync up so you spend the time making sure you have the list of things you need to do, instead of spending the time doing the things on your list you are supposed to be doing! It's exhausting isn't it. 

4.Distraction is your middle name 

You often find yourself getting distracted by the shiny's! You find yourself often saying right, this year, or this quarter or this month I am going to focus, Im going to get myself ready I am going to write these things down, I am going to write down my 3 main things I need each day and then along the way you find yourself distracted and floating off to the shiny land. We kind of know we are doing it, we know we are looking at things that don't serve our business purpose I.E they don't get us towards our goals. We kind of know we are doing it but we don't consciously say to ourselves, right thats enough I need to stop this now. 

So if this is you, this planner will help. 

5. You can't find an all in one organisation system

This is me! So if you can't find an all in one organisation system that fits and works. What I mean by this is you have tried google calendar, google notes, in person really nice notebook because they say buy really nice notebook and you will use it but I'm sorry, I have a ton of lovely notebooks but I don't use them! Or you are the kind that will go into the supermarket and buy yourself a really nice desk calendar and that will last maybe a month and then you don't continue using that either, or if you're like me you use Asana, you might also have a team and then you need to make business plans and this and that and you just end up back at square one and you just end up with things everywhere.  And all you want is to have everything in one place. 

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6. You want a one stop shop for all of your focus points in your business 

When I say focus points its much more in depth than just yay do this thing today and do that thing tomorrow - NO we are getting nitty gritty with it! I will say if you are not the kind of person that wants to be shown the the good, the bad, the ugly as to maybe why you have not achieved your goals and how to get down to the nitty gritty and jumping down in the trenches and actually getting this done - This planner may not be for you. 

So if you are ready for the harsh truth of reality then this planner is for you.

7. You love a good reflection or journal moment 

Maybe you like to light a candle, get yourself a glass of wine, a nice snack and find a nice quiet place, maybe your other half is out, the kids are out  and you really like to have  a good refection or journal moment there is plenty of space to do that and I will literally walk you thorough the questions and prompts and things as well. 

8. You want to grow your business within 6 months 

We are basically collapsing timelines with this planner, so it is designed for you to achieve what ordinarily you would have set yourself out to achieve in 12 months but in 6 months. So we are coaching you to collapse timelines so if you say I want to get £20k in my Etsy shop in 2024 but I want to get that by the end of the year, Great! But how about doing in 6 months instead? And that is exactly what this planner is for.  

What is in the planner? 

Well here is a little peek at some of what you can expect in your business planner........

  • It will be A5 
  • It will have a QR code to take you to a 30 minute training to teach you hoe to use the planner and talk a bit more about how I will use the planner pages  
  • It is undated so can be used at different times of the year 
  • Its approximately 368 pages 
  • It will be hard back with a French groove so that it can sit completely flat when you open it out 
  • There is also a ribbon book mark and a belly band 
  • It has 90GSM paper weight so its not too thick so its heavy but its good quality
  • You can plan a years worth of products along with when you need to plan, make and release them. 
  • There is also a monthly spring board to keep you pushing forward in your business and keep the momentum going 
  • HIGH DEMAND from you guys there is a revenue tracker
  • We have the 3 P's Framework that I have designed for this planner which I feel is the 3 different areas of a good handmade business owners life.
  • There is a daily and weekly planner, with a place to put your weekly goal, any negative self talk so you can rewrite this into a more positive version of your thoughts. 
  • There is so much to the planner I could go on...... take a little peak inside πŸ‘€πŸ‘‡


Get out of the procrastination cycle

Our weekly and daily planning method with focus tasks and your 3 "musts" for the day mean you never have a to-do list as long as your arm again.


Our signature 3 P's method

Break down your big goals into quarterly, monthly and weekly bitesize tasks


Reviews and springboards

The core of any business is reviewing your progress, and pivoting if you need to. Our springboard and review pages help you to dance your way into a more productive business and life


Useful pages

Need to write down that birthday you always forget? Want to take advantage of international friendship day? Want to start a promotion in 30 days time? We got your covered with our useful pages


6-figure product planning

Our method for effective product planning and creation will change the game for you!


Plan visually

Hate boring planners with no visual pizazz? Us too. That's why we have packed this planner full of imagery, planning spaces and note pages

There will be less than 500 copies available to pre-order and when they're gone they're gone Boss! Get yours HERE 


I'm hoping the planner will be delivered by the end of the year but as you know it's hard to give an exact timeframe when creating new products. Im so excited for this planner and can't wait for you to get your hands on yours. 


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