WHAT TO SELL ON ETSY - 8 Products Guaranteed To Make Etsy Sales TODAY

Jun 09, 2022

In this blog post, I'm going through what to sell on Etsy and giving you 8 products guaranteed to get you sales.


Firstly, we need to research the kind of products that are doing well right now on Etsy. We do this by looking at the trends.

Go to Etsy, put your curser in the search box but don't type anything, and see what pops up below. These are popular searches right now and a great indicator as to what people want to buy.

You can also use tools such as Google Trends and Erank to find out this information too. 


So, let's get into the 8 products guaranteed to get you sales on Etsy


1. Craft Kits

When the pandemic hit and people were bored at home with nothing to do, we saw craft kits surge in popularity.

People like the idea of when they get the urge to do something creative, they can just buy the kit and do it.

Craft kits are great for both adults and children, especially in the school holidays to keep them entertained.

You can make a craft kit to go alongside pretty much anything you make. If you make embroidery hoops, you could create a craft kit for people to make their own including all the materials! It's the same with candles or wax melts and even bath bombs!


2. Jewellery

Jewellery has seen a massive resurgence lately, and this is because it's effortless.

Think about it, even if you don't brush your hair or get dressed that day, if you put on your jewellery, you feel great in yourself.

We've also spent 2 years practically indoors, so now is a great opportunity to get out and dress up for occasions. People want to feel good, they've spent the last few years living in sweat pants and hoodies. Make your customers feel good with your jewellery.

Jewellery has so many uses to it, it's not just used to accessorise your outfit, it can also be used to immortalise a memory.

Jewellery will always be popular on Etsy, but more so in 2022 & 2023.


3. Digital Art

During the pandemic, people couldn't go to the shops and buy art or decorations to make their home look pretty, instead, they turned to digital art to do it themselves.

It's not that hard to do, and can be a fantastic passive income business for you!

Think all types of digital art, but also digital desktop backgrounds, screensavers, phone wallpapers, organisers and planners, budget sheets and even colouring pages and activities for children.

Imagine the amount of people who are now working from home or have a home office, and want to not feel like they're at work in their home.

They want to feel good while working and have the aesthetic of their home easily within their workspace. A good way to do this is to jazz up their desktop, so even though they're doing work, they can enjoy looking at their screen.


4. Wedding 

2022 & 2023 are going to be massively popular wedding years.

People couldn't get married over the last 2 years so that's all been rearranged and coming up now. 

Brides have had to rearrange everything and they're wanting to make their special day the ULTIMATE special day now. 

No matter what you sell, there will be some kind of wedding products that you can make within your products.

For example, if you make prints you can have a wedding range. If you make candles, how about a special candle personalised with the happy couple's name and date they got married?


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5. Eco & Reusable Products

We have become a lot more eco conscious over the last few years, and search for this has gone up massively!

If you can make a part (or all!) of your business more eco friendly, then definitely do this. AND, don't forget to use it as a massive selling point. 

If you can make eco and reusable products, then even better! Think about what fits with your target market, niche and shop, and then definitely do this!

Open up a second shop if you need to, and really go for it.

At the very least, make your packaging eco friendly.


6. CV Templates

People are not happy in their jobs, and they want a way to get their dream job. This is where CV templates come in handy!

You could even create an ebook or service to mentor people to get their dream job if your skills allow. 


7. Garden Love

Our gardens were a mess at the start of 2020, but after only having that space to use for 2 years, it has been increasingly popular to get in the garden and get it looking nice.

Anything you can make that is designed to make your garden better will sell really well on Etsy. 


8. Groupie Products

A groupie product means creating products aimed at a target market that belong to a group. For example - French bulldogs, cats, dogs, geeks, bookworms, a dog mum gift, cat lover gifts, book worm gifts, nerd gifts, pagan, witchy, goth. You get my drift.

Groupie products have had a big uptick in search recently.

People want to connect with people like themselves and will openly buy products to compliment their personality.

For example, I'm a massive dog mum fan so I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog walking bag with my fur baby Phoebe's face printed on it. I have a dog mum t-shirt. When I'm walking Phoebe, I have a dog walking waterproof coat on because I'm a groupie.

If I see anything on Etsy related to the breed, I will save it to my favourites and buy. 


So there you have my tops tips to what to sell on Etsy, and 8 products guaranteed to make you sales. 

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