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20 Social Media Content Ideas For Handmade Business!

social media and marketing starting a handmade business Aug 10, 2023

 I wanted to share with you 20 social media content ideas for your handmade business. 

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So back to 20 content ideas for your handmade business:

  • Tell your brand story in a reel

TOP TIP - Reels are like putting the feelers out and attracting new people to join to brand, stories are to nurture them and the grid is like the front page of your brand with your evergreen posts that you never want to go away and customers can get a feel what your brand is all aboutTalk about your process of designing new products

  • Talk about your process of designing new products- this is great if you are a business who maybe draws their products and you film yourself doing this and talk through the process as well.
  • Promote your bestseller this week and why - really explain why it does well for you and dig deep into why and maybe share some reviews as well. 
  • Chat about your next big move in your business and why - I think its incredible to hear all about what your business plans are and to hear the passion.

  • Do a reintroduction post for new followers and create a shortcut/pin it to your profile - a bit ike the brand story to focused more on you as a human being. 

  • List 3 ways your different than others in your industry - talk about your USP

  • What’s been a funny thing that happened in your business this month? make people laugh with a funny thing that happened recently in your business.

  • What’s 5 of your fav business things? - what do you love most, share them with every

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  • What do you HATE seeing about your industry? 

  • What’s a controversial opinion you have about your industry? Share and explain why, this is another great way to be a little disrupter and gains interaction. 

  • If you were to give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be? 

  • Why do you make what you make? How does your products help you?

  • Talk about your top 3 reviews you’ve ever had

  • Showcase 5 new products

  • Share your top 3 most worn/used of your own products

  • Who are your 3 favourite makers? (tag them and ask them to pass it on) Its a great way to get visibility for other makers as well. 

  • Coffee or tea? Why? 

  • Screen record a tour through your Etsy shop - you can show all your sales, best sellers, new products and how to order. 

  • Run a 24 hour offer and promote it on IG or Facebook page and post it everywhere.

  • Tag your most admired mentor and explain why


I really hope this was all helpful and tag me on Instagram if you use any of these content ideas I would love to see what you do.  

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