NEW Video! 5 SIMPLE HACKS TO SKYROCKET YOUR ETSY SALES - Tips to run a successful Etsy shop for new sellers

Jun 01, 2021

Want to learn my best hacks to skyrocket your Etsy sales? Then keep reading  to get a top 1% sellers perspective on what you should be doing.

Tip One 

Think of each long-tail keyword phrase that you use as a virtual salesperson, which sounds really, really weird. Okay. So let's just imagine that we have one long tail keyword - Let's call them Jeff and then we have another long tail keyword -  Let's call them Anna and let's say Jeff is the keyword phrase gift for a friend. Right. Pretty generic. I mean, it's got a lot of competition and it's very, very basic.


He has a low click through rate and converts about 0.1%. You then have Anna that converts at 2% because she narrowed down her long tail keyword, which is a long distance gift for friends. 

The more words that you put into a long tail keyword phrase, I'm not just saying write any old words in there, they have to be words that convert well for you. If you're having trouble understanding what I mean, then really think about them as a virtual salesperson, right? Some people are going to be better at sales than others, and you want to find those perfect people to put in your titles, in your tags so that they make sales for you whilst you sleep.

Tip Two 

Leverage other people's content. Now, something that I did when I was first starting out would be, I would go to someone else's page, Instagram profile, whatever and I would find profiles that had the same kind of target market as what I had or that I wanted to have, right? And I would spend about an hour or two a day, literally going onto their profiles and leaving a nice comment on their photos and then, especially for Instagram, I would go into the people that followed that page and I would then go on to their profiles and leave a nice comment on there as well. Now I'm not saying use a bot for this. They are out there. They will damage your Instagram profile if you're going to be using that but what I would suggest that you do is to definitely leave a nice comment on other people's social media.



You could also try to direct message people. However, that does seem a little bit spammy, a little bit salesy. So that's what I would say is to definitely, definitely make sure to leverage other people's content. 

It's not just Instagram either. You can repin other people's pins. You can go onto Facebook groups and you can actually try to help other people in there.; what will happen is that people will see your name. They will get curious after about a week or so of you being helpful within the Facebook group and they will go onto your profile or onto your page, and they will see who you are and go onto your website. Honestly, guys, it's a really undervalued way to get yourself out there. Let me know in the comments below, what sort of nice comments could you leave for other people?

Tip Three 

Collaborate with other shops -  Now collabing is something that strikes the living fear out of most handmade business owners. But the fact of it is, when you collaborate with another shop, you are sharing audiences for a mutual benefit of you both getting more reach, more growth, and ultimately more sales.

Example: You sell jewelry, why not collaborate with someone else that makes amazing travel jewelry pouches, or jewelry boxes, or something like that? I'm not saying to go and collaborate with another jewelry store, what I am trying to say is that you can really, really find a lot of niches on Etsy that will compliment your product. When you do this, you share each other's audiences and you share knowledge, you share mentorship, It's just a really fantastic thing to do. So definitely, definitely, I would recommend having a little nosy on Etsy and trying to think of products that can be made that will compliment yours and reach out to them and ask if they'd be up for collabing with you.

Tip Four 

Only use social media networks that your target market is actually using. Okay. So here's the thing. It can be really tempting to go for the big five:  Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, TikToks but here's the thing, is that let's say that you have an audience between 35 to 65. They're mostly going to be on Facebook. Okay. Facebook is the grandfather of social media networks Whereas, TikTok is mostly 14 to 25 year olds.

You have to be hyper aware of what your target market is in order for you to find the right social media network and I would only recommend picking one. The reason for this is that you need to master one organic traffic source i.e. one social media network first before you move on to others because what happens if you don't? You end up burning yourself out, you end up not really mastering any of them and it  just ends up being a really wishy, washy social media profile. You really need to hyper niche down.


What you'll find is that you will master that one social media network, which will then turn into a steady stream of traffic and sales for you rather than trying to spread yourself thin, wear all the hats and end up being a master of nothing and none of them really bring you in sales and traffic, let me know in the comments, is this something that you've done? 

Tip Five

Start a Facebook group. Guys, Facebook groups are something that a lot of handmade business owners shy away from but If people sign up to your email list, if people are clicking on your shop to view your listings, or your website, or your blog posts, or whatever it is, newsflash, they are interested in you and what you sell. They are interested in your brand. So why not take that brand connection deeper, which as we know, emotional connection is the key to get people to buy things quickly. Why not take that a little bit further and open up a Facebook group. Do something in there every week that gets people into that group that hooks them in. It doesn't have to be sharing memes or just writing a generic question post. It could be going live once a week and just streaming whilst you're making your items.

That is genuinely something that people are really interested in. How many long YouTube videos have you watched of someone painting a painting, right? And just sat there and your mesmerized and you're just watching it and you can't take your eyes off it. Because I have certainly done that. Why not live stream whilst you are making your products? And you'd be very, very shocked at the amount of people that want to do that. If you don't want to do lives, you could do weekly auctions of stuff that maybe you can't sell on your Etsy shop, you could do competitions, you could do sneak peak. You could do lots of different things within your Facebook group to get people in. You can do the generic scheduled posts where you're asking a question or you're engaging with your audience. Basically, I just think that Facebook groups, especially in the handmade business community are so undervalued and believe me, you are missing a trick.

I had a Facebook group with about 700 to 800 members. It kind of went up and down and I used to do weekly things. I used to do auctions and sales and I genuinely made a decent amount of sales just from that Facebook group. So you definitely want to give Facebook groups a try. 

So now you now my five top tips to see your sales skyrocket to find out more then sign up for my my three-step system to skyrocket your Etsy conversion rate free masterclass. If you are serious about building a six-figure handmade business then you need to watch this training.

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