3 Things You Need To Know About Your Target Audience Today

Sep 06, 2022

This is the second part of a 2 part series all about target market. If you haven't read the first part yet, you can do so HERE.


This blog post is all about 3 things that you need to know about your target audience today.


1. How They Feel About Themselves & Their Lives.

You need to know how they feel, and who they are on a fundamental basis.

For example, if you sell enamel pins, how does your target audience feel and who are they?

Well, they might feel like they want to stand out from the crowd and wear your enamel pins so that they can express themselves and their personality. They don't want the boring & mundane, they want to be flamboyant and eye catching. 


2. What Is Important To Them?

Going back to our enamel pin explanation, your target audience finds standing out and being different important to them. 

You need to decipher what the number one thing is that is important to them. Think of their values. 


3. How Do They Think?

Are they thinking that they want to show the world who they are, or are they thinking in terms of comfort?

Do they want everything around them to reflect a little bit of them and their personality? Really dig deep into how they think. 


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But what actually IS a target market?

If you're feeling confused about target market right now, then that is fine. I'm going to explain it further below.

Target market is the audience who you are targeting your product for. 

Every single brand in the world, no matter how big or small, has a target audience. If you don't have one, you need to find one ASAP. 

Finding your target market is more important than Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), more important than building your website or running ads. It's THE most important thing that you should be focusing on in your business. 


Be Specific

When it comes to target market, the worst thing you can do is be too vague. But, how specific do you need to be? Well I find a layered approach is best.

The first layer is one specific person.

The second layer is one specific pain point.

And the third layer is that they're at one specific point on their journey. 

For example, let's say that you sell mother and daughter jewellery. One specific person is: a mum of a daughter. One specific pain point: Maybe the daughter is growing more independent and is enjoying school and starting to spend more time with her friends and the mum is starting to feel like she's losing a bit of connection with her daughter. 

Or, it could be that the mum is thinking that she wants to be the best mum ever and she wants to show her daughter just how much she loves her. 

One specific point in her journey: This is that the daughter is old enough to be more independent and is starting to do her own thing more and more now. 


How Do You Find Your Perfect Target Market?

We cover this intensively in the Handmade Bosses Success Academy so I'm not going to go fully into detail here in this blog post. Instead, I'm going to share 4 ways in which you can find your target market.

1. Look at your previous customers

Look closely at who has purchased from you before. Look at their Etsy profiles and their Instagram/ Facebook profiles (if they've bought via social media from you). Look closely and pay detective, who are these people? Look at them on an individual basis. Look at at least 10 of your previous customers and write notes as to who they are.

2. Hang out with them online

I want you to find out where they hang out online (is it Facebook groups, is it Instagram, are they on TikTok?), and I want you to join the platform, make an account and join the Facebook groups or follow them on Instagram, read their blogs and look at what they are saying. What kind of questions are they asking? How are they talking? What comments are they leaving on posts? 

Write all of these things down and anything else that comes up, because you physically cannot do too much target market research.

3. What assumptions can you make?

Here we are essentially connecting the dots. So we've found out who our target market is, we have some ideas of what they're asking and what they're talking about so now we need to connect the dots. We need to make educated guesses and assumptions about them. 

4. Test

You are never going to get your target audience 100% on your first try. It takes trial and error and it takes a bit of testing before you know 100% who your target market are.

It could be that you find that in a years time you're able to go a layer deeper and you might need to change your branding or niche down on your products because you know more about who your target market is. 

Target audience work is never done. You can never over do your research into your target market.


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