5 simple hacks to skyrocket your Etsy sales - tips to run a successful Etsy shop


etsy 101 basics get more traffic make more sales Jan 12, 2022

You're here because you want to increase your Etsy sales, right? 
Then Boss, you're in the right place! I'm a top 1% seller on Etsy, and I want to share my own perspective on how to skyrocket your Etsy sales, just like I did. 

Here's 5 tips on what you should be doing to increase your Etsy sales:

TIP ONE: A Sales Person

Think of each long-tail keyword phrase that you use as a virtual sales person, which sounds really, really weird, but hear me out. 

Let's just imagine that we have two different long tail keyword sales people. The first long tail keyword person is 'gift for a friend'. This is pretty generic, it's got a lot of competition and it's very, very basic. This keyword phrase will have a low click through rate, and will convert at about 0.1%.

You then have the second long tail keyword sales person - 'long distance gift for friends'. This person converts at 2% because it is narrowed down, and more specific. 

The more words that you put into a long tail keyword phrase, the better. BUT I'm not just saying write any old words in there, they have to be words that convert well for you.

Is my sales person metaphor making sense now?
So, you want to pick the very best 'virtual sales person' you possibly can for your listing. Some people are going to be better at sales than others, and you want to find those perfect people to put in your titles and in your tags, so that they make sales for you whilst you sleep. Isn't that the ultimate dream? Making money while you sleep?!


TIP TWO: Leverage Other People's Content

When I was first starting out, I would go to Instagram and I would find profiles that had the same kind of target market as what I had (or that I wanted to have).

I would spend about an hour or two a day finding these profiles, and leaving a nice comment on their photos. Then, I would go on to their followers profiles and leave a nice comment on there as well.

*TOP TIP: DO NOT use a bot for this. They are out there, and they will damage your Instagram profile massively. It's just really not worth it. 

You could also direct message people. You could send them a quick DM to say that you love their content/ product/ photo (be specific here so they know you're not just spamming them!), and really build a relationship with them.

Remember, it's called SOCIAL media for a reason.

It's not just Instagram where you can do this either. You can re-pin other people's pins on Pinterest, go onto Facebook groups and try to help people (or just socialise) in there.

People will see your name, they will get curious and wonder who this person is that is commenting on their Instagram posts, or being helpful within the Facebook group. They will go onto your profile/ page, and they will see who you are and what you do. This will lead them onto your website, and your Etsy shop, and they'll get to know exactly what you sell. 

Hopefully, they'll like what they see because you've put in the work beforehand to make sure that they are your right target market. 


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TIP THREE - Collaborate With Other Shops

Collaborating is something that can strike the living fear out of most handmade business owners, BUT, when you collaborate with another shop, you are sharing audiences for a mutual benefit of you both getting more reach, more growth, and ultimately more sales.

For example: if you sell jewellery, why not collaborate with another handmade business owner that makes jewellery boxes? Or, if you sell nursery prints, why not collaborate with a maker who sells personalised baby blankets, or toys? Sounds good right?

I'm not saying to go and collaborate with another store that sells the same product as you, but you can find a lot of sellers on Etsy with products that will compliment yours. 

When you do this, you share each other's audiences and you share knowledge and experience. 

So, take a look on Etsy and try to find products that will compliment yours, and then reach out to them and ask if they'd be up for collaborating with you.

*TOP TIP: This works particularly well on social media too! Reach out to other makers of a similar niche to yous (like we mentioned in the examples above), and see if they'd be happy to take part in a giveaway with you! The 'rules' would mean that the entrant must follow both accounts to win, meaning you can increase your followers, which is more potential sales in the future!


TIP FOUR - Only Use Social Media Platforms That Your Target Market Is Actually Using

It can be really tempting to go for the big five:  Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, but are your audience actually hanging out there and using the platform?

It really depends on your target market, but we know that Facebook generally has an older audience (above 35), where as TikTok is mostly 14 to 25 year olds. Instagram falls between the two and has a target audience of roughly around 20-35 year olds.

You have to be hyper aware of what your target market is in order for you to find the right social media network.

I would only recommend picking ONE platform, and really mastering it before you move onto another. In the first year of your business, your focus should be on one social media network only.

What happens if you don't stick to one social media platform?
You end up burning yourself out, not really mastering any of them and it becomes a 'chore' that you come to loathe doing. You spread yourself too thin, wear all the hats, and end up being a master of nothing, and none of them really bring you in sales and traffic.

What happens if you do stick to one social media platform? 
You will master it, which will then turn into a steady stream of traffic and sales for you. You will enjoy creating content for your followers because you KNOW you will get comments, likes and interaction with them. You'll be able to reach out to them when you need to make decisions about products, and really use them for research. 

TIP FIVE - Start A Facebook Group

This is different to a Facebook page. A Facebook group is where you invite your target market to hang out with you. You can do this by inviting them via your email list, or in a post purchase email, or from your Instagram page.

Facebook groups are something that a lot of handmade business owners shy away from. BUT, if people sign up to your email list, if they are clicking on your shop to view your listings, or your website, or your blog posts etc, then NEWSFLASH, they are interested in you and what you sell, and they want more from you.

Emotional connection is the key to get people to buy things quickly, and a Facebook group is the perfect place to do this.

So what should you do in a Facebook group, rather than on Instagram?
Do something in there every week that gets people into that group and hooks them in. It doesn't just have to be sharing memes, or just writing a generic question post. It could be going live once a week and streaming whilst you're making your items.

If you don't want to do lives, you could do weekly auctions of stuff that maybe you can't sell on your Etsy shop. You could do competitions, sneak peeks and Facebook exclusive freebies or discounts that no one on Instagram has access to?

* FLASHBACK: I had a Facebook group with about 700 to 800 members, and I used to do weekly auctions and sales. I genuinely made a decent amount of sales just from that Facebook group, so you definitely want to give Facebook groups a try. 


So, there you have my top 5 tips to increase your Etsy sales! Please leave me a comment below this blog post if you have any questions.


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