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Craft the perfect Etsy description that converts to bring in multi 6-figures

make more sales starting a handmade business Nov 15, 2023

Steal my killer Etsy product description breakdown that brought in multi 6-figures. πŸš€ This is the ultimate way to convert warm buyers! 🀩

I feel like when we are creating our listing, it is all laid out nicely, we have the pictures, the title but sometime we get down to the description and sometimes feel like what on earth am I going to put here? Do people even read them? Is it worth me putting any time and effort into this? What I would say to this, it's not IF they are going read this, the question should be AT what point in the buyer journeyer they actually reading it? 

Let's imagine the buyer journey. They are already 85% of the way to adding that product to the cart if they are making the effort  to scan and read the actual description they are probably 85% convinced they want to buy this product.

What are the 3 main components that you should be putting in your descriptions to make sure they are converting? 

1. Highlight The Customers Problem

Whether you know what that problem is or not! Your product is solving a pain point, a problem or a need or an annoyance for your customer. 

For example; I you sell really funky, bright multi coloured jewellery, your need could be that they have bought clothes from forever 21, Primark, Asda or whatever and they are wanting to jazz it up a little, they maybe the type of person who has a plain black dress but they want a big pair of earrings or a big colourful bold necklace to jazz it up.

So the pain point for them could be that at the moment they feel like they are dressing like everyone else, or they may want express their personality and unique flare through the jewellery that they wear! 

So simply highlight what their problem is, use words and phrases that your customers would use. You could go into some Facebook groups and pick up on some comments on social media saying I want to add some flare to my outfits, you can then highlight that problem in your description and use the EXACT same words and make it really obvious to them. 

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2. Introduce your product as the solution for that Problem 

You simply want to say, hey, I know you're looking for a necklace. that is going to jazz up that little black dress, or you may want to say instead of going out and buying a whole new outfit for your Christmas works do, you can simply add this big bold statement necklace to one of your outfits so you can stand out. Well I hand make these to what ever colours, or word and phrases that you want. 

You are simply linking the problem, the pain point to your product.

3. Highlight The Features and The Benefits 

I would do this in a really specific bullet point list. You don't want your descriptions to be an endless wall of text, so use bullet points, dashes and separators and all those features to make sure it is NOT a wall of text. Don't forget if your target market like emoji's, use them! 

Simply breakdown your product and say something about each component, using your bold statement coloured necklace, you could say:

  • Our necklaces are made out of coloured plastic, so its not going to turn your skin green, it won't fade and its water proof.
  • It comes with an average 18inch length chain with an extender so it won't matter what type of outfit your are wearing this necklace would be great. 
  • Send me the exact colours you want for your necklace and I can make it bespoke to you

So really breakdown each component and highlight the features and benefits, linking this back your target markets, pain points and explaining how you solve those with your product. 


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