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Etsy Q&A Part 3 | Word of Mouth Marketing, Coupons, Planner, Brands

branding pricing and financials Aug 17, 2023

Today I am going to share some exciting news about our new Handmade Bosses Business Success Planner (launching soon!) and answer your questions on everything Etsy; from product coupons to word of mouth marketing. 

 I am SOOOO excited about the launch of the new Handmade Bosses Planner it is going to be awesome!! Its not just any planner ir is a Business Planner that is designed to help you grow your business not just a reminder of all the things you need to do, Im so excited!!

It won't be out for a while yet but we have opened a waitlist for you, if you join our waitlist you will get 

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Heres the link for you to join the waitlist now Click HERE to join the waitlist 

How to give Etsy buyers the BEST customer experience?

 Here’s my top 3 tips to give your customers the best experience:

  1. Communicate EVERY step of the way - this includes;
    1. After they order
    2. When it’s shipped
    3. 3 days after they received to check in
    4. When they leave a review (thank them!) 

2.Create a simple buying experience

If you have a buying process that’s more complicated than adding to cart or checkout, explain it in the description, images and via a message when they order

2.Make a STELLAR unboxing experience 

When their order comes through the door, this is where they have the first in person experience with you - make it one to remember!

Under promise and over deliver 

I have been buying a lot recently on Etsy and let me tell you, out of the 5 things I have received this week only ONE has truly blown me away with their service, I have favoured their shop and I will be going back there again.

Only one shop! The rest were like we will deliver to you in 1-2 working days, and 7 or 8 days later it arrived! They were like oh we were going to send it to you like this and it wasn't like anything expected. Its going be this colour and it turned up in a like an off shade colour and you're like eh, that's not quite what it looked like.

So definitely under promise and over deliver. When you do that it shows that you appreciate the customer because you go beyond what they are expecting.

Imagine for example you were going to buy a car and you decided which brand you wanted to buy so for example say you wanted to buy a Ford. Why did you go to that brand? Is it because they are really really reliable, comfy, they are not going to break etc. Why did you choose them?

Because the bottom line is you probably heard how good they are by word of mouth, customer service was really good, maybe the guy who showed you around the cars was really chill and didn't pressure you. So think about how your customer feels when they purchase from you

Send them a return coupon code! 

Say you buy a pair of shoes or dress and if you are like me, if I love a dress for example I will go and buy more in different colours. So if you send them a thank you code in their order, it can really encourage customers to come back to you and make another purchase. 

I make my own coupon code on a piece of card I print off the design and add the code for the discount there and add some little scratch off stickers over the discount code so the customer can then scratch it off and it makes it more memorable and fun. 

Test out the codes - Do a test to see which codes get used most, you could do a thank you code on the scratch off card say like THANKYOU15CARD and another in your email which could be like  THANKYOU15CODE to see which one is used more. 

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Keep in touch - Post purchase 

It is vital to get them into your world! So your main mission post purchase, top tier is get them to re-buy but a close second to that is to get them to your home hub! This is the main social media platform where you nurture your target market. I do work with business' who have 3 or 4 social media channels, they have Facebook, IG, TikTok, email list and so on, the problem with this, is you spread yourself so thin you end up like OMG I need to create like 5 pieces of content for all these different places. So I really would say just have 1 home hub that your target market uses and really start to nurture the people on there. 

For example if you use Instagram, get them to follow you. You will then be able to nurture them and they are more likely to buy from you again. 

The landscape of marketing is starting to change, post Covid people want to feel closer to people and be part of a community or a brand. This is why we need to make sure we are nurturing our customers so they love the brand and want to buy and engage from us. 

Nurturing your customers on social media is so important as you want to make sure people feel like they want to follow you, like they have a reason to have you show up in their social media feed. If you just constantly have a 'buy this'  and a 'buy that' post its not interesting or engaging. So share a bit about a behind the scenes with you, introduce yourself, tell people a bit about you, what your process is, why you started your business.

There is so much more information in the HBSA course on how to nurture your audience. 


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