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How to make Sales on Etsy without using Social Media

get more traffic social media and marketing Apr 25, 2023

Today we are talking about how to make sales on Etsy without using social media. I know like every single person and video will say to you, you need to be on social media to get Etsy sales, WELL I beg to differ! I am going to show you ways you can make sales if you dont want to use social media at all for your Etsy Shop. 

1 Remain Active in Your Shop

That could mean adding a new listing everyday, updating the SEO on expired listings, the Etsy updates or the Etsy Explore Beta function, it could be changing photos, descriptions, answering messages, the day to day running of your shop whatever that may be for you. 

So when I say make a new listing in your shop everyday I don't mean you need to make a new product everyday. You can make a copy of an existing listing and change the keyword focus. You could be using a different holiday time for instance, add a new listing and save it in the drafts folder and publish one of these every single day.

That shows Etsy that you are being active in your shop and if you're not using social media to get those views you will need to go a bit harder with this as you dont have social media to fall back on. 

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2 Hone in on Your Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO, which essentially means that when you are making your product you have your product and your customer and you want to bring the right people to buy your product. But how do you do that? Well the best way to do it is through keywords and as you guys know every single search engine on the internet will use some sort of algorithm and Etsy is no different. That means they are matching up what people are searching for versus the products that you have. Your job as a seller is to make sure. you are getting the right people. You are almost herding them to your listings. How do we do that? Through SEO and key word research.

So when we are doing a search on Etsy they are scanning the millions of listings they have and bringing the right listings to the right person.So what this essentially means is that Etsy is ranking listings on how likely they are to be clicked on and purchased by the buyer, the person doing the search.

So this is where being really honed in on your SEO really really works because if you have got perfect keyword search terms that your target audience is looking for. You have sales history on that listing.Your very active within your shop then your listing will be shown high on the search results because Etsy is saying yes it is very very likely that this person will buy this listing.

So how might people be searching for your items? What words and phrases might they be using to find  your item? How will they be searching for your item in the Etsy search bar? These are all things you have to know as a shop owner. 

If you are really lost with SEO at the minute I promise you once you have a few listings in your shop you will start to get the hang of it, it is a bit overwhelming when you first start I completely agree with you but you will be getting in your groove, I promise you. 

3. Upload Daily Listings 

As we discussed earlier about being active in your shop this is a whole other thing. These could be copies, they could be new products, you could start listing your colour variations that you have in other listings as separate listings within your shop using different images, using different SEO.

What I want you to imagine is every time you list something you get a little bump in the search, imagine having that every single day, imagine every single day you have that little bump within the Etsy search algorithm, sounds good right? That is why uploading daily is a really amazing thing to do as it gives you that little daily bump. 

4.  Use Etsy Ads or Etsy Offsite Ads

Something I always say is if you want to start running ads you need to make sure at first you are getting sales organically because essentially if you're not you are just bringing more views into a shop that is not converting well. You might as well flush your money down the toilet.

However, if you are getting conversions try doing a dollar a day per best selling item in your shop and only advertise a small amount of items. If you are doing a lot that is where you are going wrong because  your budget is quite small split across potentially 50, 60, 100 or even 200 listings.

So Etsy ads and off site ads is a great way for you to spend money to bring more people into your shop. You want to make sure as well that your SEO, your keywords are absolutely nailed down before you do this because your ranking will be based on the keywords that you are using on your listing. So basically what you are doing is paying to be shown further up in the search results but if you're not using really good keywords in your listing  then there is not really much point in doing this which is why it is better to have organic sales before advertising your listings. 

Now I will say that from Etsy ads you should be expecting to get at least 2.5x return on investment, so double and then some, that's the general return on investment that we should be expecting. Obviously we want to be seeing 3 or 4x on investment but essentially that is the guideline.

5 Create An Eye Catching Brand

Are you attracting the right people in and if not how can you get those people into your shop? Essentially there are various touch points and things that people will see when they are viewing. what ever items they are searching for online. If they click on your shop they are going to see things like your shop banner, your listing photos. So how can you make sure they are eye catching enough to get those clicks and bring people into your shop. Is your brand strong enough and eye catching enough to bring those people into you.

When you think about it, when people do an Etsy search they are literally faced with hundreds of search results on their little tiny screens if they are doing it on their phones, or their big screen if they on an iPad or computer. But still there are a lot of listings that come back when you are doing a search so you need to make sure that your photos are really good, not blurry, in a natural light, in focus and you are really getting your brand across as much as you can.

6. Etsy Update or Etsy Explore 

Use Etsy updates or Etsy Explore, this is still in the Beta function depending on when you're reading this as its not quite live just yet!

Etsy Explore is basically like social media but its inside of Etsy as their own sort of social media network.So stay active on that and keep those updates coming in and people who have favourited your shop will be seeing these updates.  


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