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How to send an automated message to your buyers after purchase on Etsy 2023 | Full Tutorial

etsy 101 basics happy customers technology to grow your business Jul 21, 2023

Today I wanted do a quick run through for you on how to send an automatic message to your buyers. It's actually a little known function that you can do, every single person who buys from your store can be sent a message with a come back coupon or a shipping discount or encourage people to follow you on socials. Its a really easy way. to keep the lines of communication open  with your buyer. 

How to add a message

On your Etsy shop manager screen go to settings - shop appearance and icon and you will see the options to add a shop announcement or message to buyers.

There is a separate section for people who are selling physical products and those selling digital products if you one or the other make sure you fill out the one that applies to you - if you sell both I would fill out both. 

It's an amazing way to keep your customers up to date with Christmas information, postal delays. For example when Covid hit it was an amazing place to make sure people knew whether there were delays. Another good example of how to use this is, I add a bit about my jewellery not being suitable for children because I really want parents to know this so I add this in there as well.

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I also encourage people to leave a 🌟 review. You can see from my message the overall tone of the message that they get is excitement! I'm happy for them, Im SUPER stoked that they have ordered from me and I want them to know that. 

Let me tell you! I have ordered probably £500 worth of jewellery this year alone, so just in the 5 months of 2023, of products just on Etsy!  AND not once have I got an automated message from people. It really sort of left me feeling 'oh ok, I've just ordered this thing, spent money in this shop that I don't know, that I might not quite trust yet and there was nothing coming back from that shop, not a single PEEP! So actually as a buyer it can be quite lovely to hear that the shop has received my order, they are working on it and they are as excited as I am.

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