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How To Increase Etsy Traffic Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

How To Increase Etsy Traffic Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

etsy 101 basics get more traffic starting a handmade business Jan 26, 2022

Do you want to increase traffic to your Etsy shop using the correct SEO, or'Search Engine Optimisation', techniques? Then keep on reading as this blog post is going to help increase traffic to your Etsy shop!

SEO is short for 'Search Engine Optimisation' and it's the way that the Etsy algorithm sorts search results. In order to get more traffic (customers into your Etsy shop) with SEO, we need to do these three tasks:


ONE: Long Tail Keyword Phrases

A long tail keyword phrase is the phrases you have used in your title. I recommend using phrases, as it makes it easier for your customers to find exactly what they are looking for. If you use a single word, for example 'scarf', there are going to be millions of results, and your product will not be found by your customer.

*TOP TIP: I recommend using a comma to separate your phrases in your title, pipes/dashes/and other icons make it harder for Etsy (and other search engines like Google) to understand what your product is.

We need to understand that each long-tail keyword phrase or each keyword phrase that is separated by a comma, has its own conversion rate. 

Head to your listing, click the little cog next to it, and scroll down to where it says 'search terms'. These are the terms that your customers have used to find this listing. By doing this, you will then identify the weak links in your listing.

For example, if you have a listing that's not getting many sales, but it's getting traffic in through one particular keyword phrase (you know, because you've checked your listing stats), you don't want to go in and change every keyword phrase because you know that that one keyword phrase is getting you traffic for that listing. 

However, you do want to get rid of the weak links in that listing. Check your titles and your tags for keyword phrases that are not converting well for you, and swap them out for different niche (super specific) long tail keyword phrases.

*TOP TIP: I do have a video on my YouTube channel teaching you how to do this, and you can watch this HERE

Think of the long tail keyword phrases as little salespeople working for you 24/7. You need to make sure that these salespeople are pulling their weight because if they're not, get them out of there and replace them with new keyword phrases.


TWO: Use Relevant Keywords

Not using relevant keywords is where a lot of Etsy shop owners fall down. I get daily messages saying, "Steph, my SEO is not working for me." and I think that this is what the problem is for the majority of people.

Using relevant keyword phrases for your target market is so important. Everyone searches differently, and even more so depending on where in the world they're from. Some people search for a 'bath bomb', whereas some people would search for 'bubble bath' or  'bath fizzer'.

This is why knowing how your target market searches for your particular item is key. 

Now, I'm not just talking about where they live, or how old they are, I'm talking about their values and what they like to do in their spare time. You've got to get creepy close to your target market. Then, by doing that, you will naturally be able to use longer-tail keywords. 

Here's an example:

You have a gold heart locket necklace, but describing it as a 'gold heart necklace' is a little bit vague. Instead, try aiming for a less competitive term by adding more words in there to make it a longer-tail keyword with a higher conversion rate.

So for example, try 'gold heart locket necklace for photos'. That is a long-tail keyword phrase and that is going to ensure that you have a better conversion rate. Even better would be, 'heart locket necklace for mum'. You can see that these keywords are still very relevant, and still used by our target market to find what we are trying to sell.

I know a lot of you are experts in your niches, and you will use things like 'brushed heart locket necklace', 'brass locket necklace', and 'hammered locket necklace' BUT, people that know nothing about jewellery are not going to be using those terms to find your item.

Instead, you have to think about explaining your item to a five-year-old. You have to be really, really obvious and use specific niche keywords. Avoid using technical terms that you know and understand, but your customers will not know what they are. 

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THREE: Duplicate Your Listings

We've now found some really good long-tail niche keywords, but you're probably thinking, "I just had so many tag (another word for keyword) ideas, Steph. I just didn't know which one to use." If you're having that dilemma, you can absolutely copy your listing and keyword it differently.

Copy your listing as many times as you'd like, and use different keywords for the same listing. You can keep the same images, the same description, but just use different keywords and see which of those work for you, your product and your target audience.

*TOP TIP: I have a video on my YouTube channel that will explain this in more detail for you. You can watch it HERE.

So what types of keywords can you use?
Well, anything that your product can be used for. Ask yourself what occasions or events can this product be used for? Can it be used for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, as a birthday gift, a friend gift, a long-distance relationship gift? 

Do you see what I'm doing? I'm putting on different 'hats' for the same listing. So for example, if you want to use your 'gold heart locket necklace' for Valentine's Day, you head to Etsy and research relevant long tail keywords such as 'heart necklaces for Valentine's Day', 'Valentine's Day jewellery' etc.

By duplicating your listings and using different keywords, you will eventually see a pattern through your listing stats as to what keyword phrases are working well for you, which will cut down on your keyword research time every single time.

So there we have it, you now know how to increase your traffic to your Etsy shop using SEO. I'd love to know if you found this blog helpful! Comment below and let me know 

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