My Etsy Ads Strategy

Jun 21, 2022

In this blog post, we're going to be talking about how to make sales on Etsy using ads, and if it is even worth running Etsy ads in 2022.


So, let's start with new listings. What should you do?


New Listings

Well, every platform on the internet has algorithms, and Etsy is no exception.

When you list something new on Etsy, that listing gets a temporary boost in search results depending on what keywords you have used.

What that does is let Etsy know how your customers are interacting with this listing, so that it knows where to place it. 


Think of the Etsy search results as a favourites list. The temporary boost will enable Etsy to see how your customers are interacting with your listing. If it gets no love, then it's going to be lower down on the favourites list/ search results. if it gets a lot of love, it'll be higher on the favourites list. 


If I'm listing something that is a variation of a listing that has sold really well for me (I always recommend making variations of your best selling listings), and is something that I know is going to be worthwhile me putting some money towards to extend that temporary boost, then that is what I'll do.

I'll give it around $1 per day to push it that little bit further

If you don't have the budget to advertise new listings, then that is completely fine you don't have to do this, and you can concentrate on your existing listings which I'll go through below.



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Existing Listings

I will always advertise listings that sell well, and this is because if a listing is getting sales, it is proven that the customers love this listing.

Whether it's the pictures, the keywords or just the beauty of the product that the customers love, I will take this listing and advertise it for $1 per day for 2 weeks or more. 

This ensures that it is going to be top of the search results as many times as possible. If you can stretch and put more money towards this, then absolutely do so, but if not, $1 a day per best selling item that you're advertising is my general rule of thumb. 


Return on Investment

If you're thinking about the return on investment, and you're unsure what you'd be likely to expect for that amount of money, I would expect a minimum of a 3x return on investment from my ads.

If you're not getting a 3x return on investment from your ad spend, then something isn't quite right and I want you to turn off ads and implement the techniques below:


Keyword Phrases

Look at what keyword phrases are being searched for and where you are being found through ads. 

When you run ads, it will tell you the keywords that you are being searched for in Etsy Ads Stats. 

Let's say for example you have a ceramic pot listing, and the most popular keyword phrase is 'wild flower ceramic pot'. There may be more keyword phrases that are popular for that listing on ads, and it will tell you in your ads stats. 

What I would do, which is what I would highly recommend that you do too, is to copy the listing (never change a listing that is working well for you and getting sales) and keyword it with the popular keyword phrases that have been found through your Etsy ads.


Don't change anything else on this listing, just the keywords (titles & tags).


Then put $1 a day on the new listing, as well as keeping the original listing ads budget going too. What you'll find is, because those keyword phrases have been proven to work well via your Etsy ads, you're going to get more momentum with your new listing because exact matches always rank better.


Duplicate Listings

To go along side of this, I will look at the stats in my shop (not just the ads stats), and look for the popular keyword phrases that are being reported back, and then I will copy that listing again just using those popular keyword phrases from my Etsy stats.

What I would like you to end up with is 2-3 copies of your top 5-10 best selling listings and put $1 a day each on them, but they each have their own different keyword phrases. 

Essentially, you're supercharging those new boosted listings by using ads. 


The Lazy Way To Make Money

Whenever I want to make some more money, I will go in and (this is the lazy way to make more Etsy sales) do an hours worth of research and I'll copy 3 listings that do really well for me, and I will throw my budget at it.

What will happen is I know that I'm going to be getting at least a 3x return on investment, and I will reinvest that profit back it in to ads. 

You will get to a point where you can afford to invest $3 a day each and more, and this is where the magic starts to happen


When To Turn Ads Off

If you have been running ads for 2 weeks, and you're not getting anything back from them, then turn them off and run through this process again.

Reassess things. Is it because the keywords on that listing are not doing so well? Is it because the keywords aren't hitting home with customers because they're not right for what your product is, they're not describing your product properly, or in a way that your customer would search for?

I want you to leave your ads running for about 2 weeks, and keep an eye on your ads and your spend and if at any point you're looking back over the last 2 or 3 weeks and you're seeing that you're not getting the return on investment on a specific ad, then I want you to turn that ad off. 


And that is my Etsy ads strategy that I use in my Etsy shop right now. 

If you'd prefer to watch me visually teach this, then you can watch my YouTube video HERE.


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