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make more sales Feb 28, 2023

So every single year in my old job we would attend the big trade fairs, usually within quarter 1! So I went for a look around the spring fairs and the other fairs that are happening at the moment and I felt I just had to share with you the Christmas trends for 2023 that I am seeing quite a lot of. 

So these are the companies who wholesale to the big big stores, so these companies are the guys who  are getting the trends in first, their whole livelihoods depend on creating products that are going to sell to their wholesale clients, we are talking the big big shops. It is really important for them to look ahead and plan for Christmas 2023. 

I have really noticed 3 Big Trends for this year. 

A bright Christmas 

I wasn't seeing a lot of reds, greens and golds, a lot of the more traditional kind of early naughties Christmas colours. Instead I am seeing vibrant pastel versions of reds and of greens. So the reds are very muted but more along the coral side of things. The greens are very very light pastel greens. There are even some more purples and some muted reds thrown in there as well. But basically we are taking the traditional Christmas colours, we are scaling them back, we are still keeping them bright, there are still some pops of colours but it is all very muted vibrant pastel colours.

So again we are thinking corals, very muted greens, I didn't see any gold, any silver, no blue or anything like that. 

The biggest theme I have seen is an alternative to tradition. I'm seeing a lot of new things come up, I'm not seeing a lot of advent calendars, advent candles, I'm seeing more of an alternative to tradition. Instead of seeing the standard Christmas tree, I'm seeing people having Christmas wreaths instead and not bothering with trees. I'm seeing a lot of reduction in the throw away culture, so it's not so red and green and shiny which is inevitably, unfortunately, going to end up in landfill. Instead we are seeing more paper decorations and seeing trees with literally just lights on. It is very much a fresh start, its playful, it's joyful, it's feeling good, it's pops of colour.

This is not just a Christmas product trend but this is something I think in Q3 and Q4 of this year we are going to be seeing a lot of. It's vibrancy, it's freshness, it's newness, it's joy, it's playful, it's got this innocence vibe. 

What I would suggest you do is go onto Pinterest and type in Bright Christmas, Vibrant Pastels, Christmas Alternatives, Pops of Colour and start creating your own board. πŸ“Œ

Bringing Everyone Together

We are talking sharing, we are talking things like fire pits, these are really coming back, I think its because people are yearning for that connection. Since Covid, you know there are still countries around the world that are in complete lockdown, they haven't seen people for like 3/ 4 years now. I feel that real sense of wanting to be away from tech, not wanting to have a relationship purely through messaging, Zoom calls. It's almost like, especially looking ahead to the Christmas season, it's looking at sharing, looking at inclusion.

I have seen a lot of cottagey, homemade decor, we are talking families making patchwork quilts, families baking together, family games - Charades was a massive thing that I saw, fire pits, sharing, spending that quality time with your loved ones, inviting your neighbours round, enjoying time away from tech.πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘¦‍πŸ‘¦

Thats the kind of vibe I got, its almost like all these 3 trends are taking it back to the 1950's, 1960's vibe with this fresh kind of spin. It maybe worth creating a board on 1950's, 1960's Christmas and seeing where the similarities lie between the two but certainly bringing everyone together and time away from tech is going to be a massive thing.

In fact so much so that I think you are going to see sales of things like video games drop because people just want to nurture that connection that they lost in 2020. 

Green and Glow

So this is something I have called green and glow. It is very much those natural hues, those natural vibes, natural decor and lighting, we are not seeing like bright pink lights or gold or white Christmas trees which were a trend. It feels like we are really bringing back the best part of that traditional Christmas but with those pops of colours and brights that we talked about earlier.  So natural decor, natural lighting, candles, no harsh lights, white is a no no and green is a yes yes! πŸ•―️

I really feel like houseplants are going to be a massive thing this year. Do you know how many people I have seen start up house plant business? There are so many plants and greenery that are going to be around this year and I think spring will see this gain momentum.🌿

So it's really looking at that green and glow, that kind of natural, muted natural colours, candles around the room, wax melts, really muted cosy vibes, it's warm, its cosy, its natural. 

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Thinking About The Environment

Bio degradable stuff, eco friendly stuff this year is going to be huge so you definitely want to be looking ahead at Q3 and Q4 and thinking how can I bring that trend into my own product catalogue. β™»οΈ

We are also going to be seeing brown paper packages tied up with string, that is going to be massive. People are really looking at the Christmas presents they are buying, how they are wrapping them, basically their impact their Christmas is having on the environment. So again you are going to be seeing those muted browns, candles, warmth, cosiness. πŸŽ

My Top 3 Product Trends This Christmas

So I think you can see how these 3 trends are going to encompass and work together. You have got the  breaking tradition, the vibrant pastel muted colours, so you are kind of doing a traditional Christmas but you are doing it a little bit differently. Then you have got the vibe of bringing everyone together, we dont want iPads, phones, nothing like that. We want to be watching a Christmas movie under a big blanket with a big box of popcorn.🍿🎬

We want to be including everyone around us, our neighbours, our friends, our cats, our dogs, our rabbits.....we want time away from tech, we want to have quality time spent together. Then we have the biodegradable, eco-friendly aspect of things as well. 

Plan Ahead Now

So this is just 3 things that I have seen a massive massive spike in, talking about Q3 and Q4 of 2023. I would suggest one thing you could do is brain storm your ideas, create a Pinterest board of the kind of vibe that you're looking at for your products in Q3/Q4. Now you definitely want to be incorporating these trends into your products but dont ever change all of your products to encompass one trend because by the time Q3 and Q4 are over you might have a left over product on your hands that you can not shift. However, wherever you can intermingle it in, literally drop a bit of this trend into your product catalogue,  keep it modern, keep it fresh and include it into what you already have. 


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