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Top 3 Ways to Optimise Your Listings

Nov 30, 2023

I wanted to talk to you about the top 3 ways to optimise your Etsy listings. This is looking ahead, as I write this we are well into Q4 so the Christmas orders will be coming in, I know a lot of my HBSA students have been getting their Christmas orders in from the beginning of September, but I know my target market will shop later so my sales have recently started to ramp up.

So today I wanted to just give 3 top ways to optimise your listings if:

  • You want more orders
  • If you are listing more products 


  1. Optimise your SEO 

You need ensure you have great SEO and you have optimised your shop with the right keyword phrases, great descriptions, added attributes and materials that are all relevant for your shop to help you increase your sales. Check your: 

  1. Titles
  2. Tags
  3. Attributes 
  4. Materials
  5. Descriptions
  6. Image alt text 

Now I know this list has expanded from titles and tags but this is in priority order. Your title and tags are absolutely paramount, so do make sure these are optimised with long tail keyword phrases. DO NOT use just one word tags, I can't tell you the amount of people I have worked with that have one word tags like t-shirt or gift, they are not working for you because the results are so high, for example if you have a tag called 'Gift', if you type this into Etsy search it will have something like 56 million results. So Titles and Tags  are the MOST important thing. 

The next 2 or 3 things to look at is the beginning part of your description, your attributes and your materials. Make sure you have added these details accurately for your products, it depends on your niche what attributes are relevant to you and what materials you use so make sure these are accurately describing your product. Your description are sure you are sprinkling some of your main keywords in there but don't keyword stuff your description. 

Image alt text  is another great way to optimise your listings, this is like exert credit. If you are using the old style Etsy listings page, rather then the new streamlined version you can go to the little pencil on your image and you can literally copy and paste your title here into the alt text, as long as it is describing your product well enough. 

Make sure your keywords and descriptions are not misleading your customers, for example I get questions like -

I sell a particular design of t-shirt and I see that unicorn dress is a popular search term mine is sort of similar so can I use this? - NO, this is going to confuse customers. 

Should I be using Christmas keywords like, Christmas Gift for Mum, Christmas Gift for Sister? If I bounce this question back to you, are you searching in Etsy, Christmas gift for mum? or Do you have a general idea of what you want to buy?

Look at your products and think which are good for gifts, then make a few copies of the listing and keyword it differently, for example one focused on Christmas gifts, one  for Valentines day, Mothers Day, as that is only in March if you are in the UK. When considering how to keyword your products it's important to think about how your target market search.

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2. Pictures & Videos 

I have really noticed that there has been a sharp up tick in people buying when the listing has a video! Now this doesn't have to be anything to complicated, you could take a video of you holding your product for example, you could move it around and show your customers what it looks like from different angles. You may have some really nice photos of your items which is important but the video can show them parts of your items like the back and the sides which you can't see as well from a photograph. 

Your Images and videos should:

  • be clear and in focus, no blurred images. 
  • be taken in natural light 
  • avoid being taken where there is harsh lights that create too many shadows 
  • not have too many props in the image that distract from what you are actually selling
  • have modelled shots 

Make sure your images are Stellar!! Especially at Christmas time, so check your images, compare them in search results, do they stand out, look sharp, make you want to click on them. 


3. Tantalising Trio 

This is my little sating to that brings together, your target market, branding and your product and these 3 things need to  work together as, you target market will influence your branding and products, your products will in turn influence your target market and your branding will bring in the right target market who will buy the product. 

If you are having a conversion rate issue or something isn't quite feeling right in your shop, LOOK at the Trio, do you know who your target market are, do you know what pictures your perfect customers are likely to click on? What does your target market need to know about the product before they are going to buy? So think about how you can answer these questions in your listings, not just in the FAQ's, I mean in the attributes, the titles, the description, your photographs. 


So 3 ways to optimise your shop now: 

  • Optimise your SEO
  • Images and videos
  • Tantalising Trio  of Branding, target market and your products



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