May 30, 2022

Today's blog post is all about how to turn those Etsy favourites into sales.

You might be thinking:

  • "I get lots of favourites, but I'm not getting any sales, what can I do?!"
  • "People are finding my products but they're not buying them, am I not good enough?"
  • "Are my products not good enough?"

I understand, it's completely normal to think all of those things, but before we dive deep into the teaching, there's 3 things I'd like you to keep in mind.

1. You know those big shops on Etsy that get 100,000 of sales? Well I found that the more sales I got, the easier it was to market, and the easier sales came to me. Therefore, the more sales you get on Etsy, the higher your rank will be and you'll be shown to more customers, and receive more sales.


2. Keep in mind, towards end of month (around the 15-20th of each month), people are getting paid. If people are favouriting your items at the start to the middle of the month, they might be waiting to get paid before they buy. 


3. Some types of products won't sell at specific times of year. For example, if you sell wooly hats you're likely to sell less in summer than you are in autumn and winter. In my shop, my anklets always sell more in summer than over the winter months.


Now let's get into HOW to turn Etsy favourites into sales. 


1. Send a coupon

Utilise the send a coupon function. You can turn this on in the back end of your shop by going to 'Marketing', then 'Sales & Discounts'.

This means that 48 hours after someone has favourited your item but not bought, they will receive an automatic email with a coupon for 10% off (or whatever you have set it for) to entice them to come back and complete the purchase.

If you want to test this, go to Etsy and favourite some items that you love from other sellers, and wait for the email to come to you.

You might have this function turned on already, but you can see that not many emails are being sent. Let me tell you why:

  • They can only get these emails every 7 days.
  • Buyers have to be opted in to receive marketing emails from Etsy before Etsy can send them the coupon email due to GDPR laws. 

But, absolutely turn it on anyway!

If your item is getting lots of favourites on Etsy, why not showcase it on social media and send a coupon code to those who 'like' it via direct message?


2. Restock and Run a Sale

I receive lots of notifications on Etsy and emails about when items that I have favourited have come back into stock or are on sale. I would highly recommend that you restock your items or run a sale on your items so that your customers can receive these notifications too.

If you run a sale, they will get an email or a notification via the Etsy app that your item is on sale. 
This will ping up on their phones, computers and Apple Watch too!

Imagine if you had 100 people who have favourited you item, if you put that item on sale or restock it (meaning they'll get notified when you do) you're kind of guaranteed to get sales.

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3. Look at Customers Profiles 

If someone has filled out their profile on Etsy fully, you can go on to it and have a look at what other shops they've favourited and other items.

Have a look at their profile just to see what they like. It's like standing over their shoulder when they're shopping on Etsy, you can see what elements your customer likes, and you'll see a pattern!

Identify the patterns, and how can you input that into your shop so that the next time other people like that come to your shop, they're not going to favourite, they're going to buy straight away because you've attracted them with your products, your branding and with your shop as a whole. 


4. Create Your Home Hub

I have a question for you! If you had 10 people who have favourited your item but not bought stood in front of you right now, and you've gone into their profile, and you know what type of things they like, what type of shop they like, and you can see a pattern, how would you market to them?

This step is about putting more effort into your home hub and marketing.

A home hub means the one place where your customers come to you to hang out (social media platform). I always say to have 1 social media platform, not 3 or 4, because:

A) it's a waste of time, because you're spreading yourself too thin, and

B) your target market probably doesn't have 4 or 5 ACTIVE social media networks that they use all the time.


So for example, let's say you are going to use Instagram as your home hub - how would you get these people who are favouriting your items and are in your target market but not actually buying to join you over on Instagram for you to market to them?

Based on the items that they are favouriting (from what you can see on their Etsy profiles), what assumptions can you make about them?

Let's say for example that they're looking at and favouriting cots/cribs/baby stuff, you can assume that they or someone close to them are expecting a baby soon.

Another example would be if someone is looking at house warming gifts, you can assume that they or someone else has moved into a home recently. From this, you can assume an age bracket too!

If they're looking at gifts for mum, you can assume they're into buying gifts for loved ones. 

You can really make fantastic assumptions, based on their profiles. 


But, I just want you to focus on one social media network. 

What kind of post would you put out to them, what kind of vibe would your brand give? How would you market to them?


The sale you would have got from someone straight up buying from you is of lower value than them favouriting your item and stalking their profile, because of the insights you will gain from those people and their profiles. 


Favouriting and not getting sales is not actually a bad thing because you can pivot, change, get better with your shop based on customers profiles and what you can learn about them.

All of these points listed above together will help increase sales because you automatically know the type of people coming into your shop based on their profile, and you can make sure you can market to them with your brand and your products in the right way to get the trajectory of sales going up a bit faster.

I hope you enjoyed this blog!
Let me know what you thought, and if you have any questions in the comments below. 

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