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πŸš€ What should I sell in my handmade business? πŸ’°3 questions to ask

etsy 101 basics get more traffic social media and marketing May 21, 2024

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Starting a new online handmade business comes with its fair share of challenges, particularly when entering a market as competitive as today's.

One of the first obstacles can be deciding what to sell in your handmade business. In todays blog I post 3 questions to ask yourself.

Is what you're selling profitable?

Look at your product catalogue, have you got a clear direction and focus with what you are selling? and is what you are selling profitable?

For example if you sell crochet cuddly toys and your making no money yet, you make crochet earrings and you're making a profit - this should be a big consideration when deciding what handmade products to sell in your business.

If you're at the beginning of your journey and you've got a few handmade product ideas in mind. Break it down by materials, time, equipment...which is going to make you a profit?



Be sure to choose a product you can make over and over and over again

You don't want to spend time creating a business, be 6 months or a year down the line and be sick of making your handmade products. You end up hating your business, not investing the time, energy or money into making it a success.

Making something with your hands that you love, that you still have excitement and enthusiasm for years down the line will help you build your dream profitable handmade business.

Make sure what you're passionate about your handmade products

You will need to market your items and talk about them for years to come so make sure you are passionate about it.

From the bottom of my heart, the shops I see succeed, time and time again are those who are invested and they're passionate about what they create and sell.




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Without this passion your business will not inspire you or your target market. You'll not turn up day in day out, you'll not create that nurturing content on social media and you'll not make new and exciting products.

You need to be able to market and sell your products with passion. It's not enough to simply make products, add them to Etsy and wait for Etsy to drive the traffic to your shop. You might make a reasonably good turnover but, you'll not have the passion to drive you and keep it enjoyable.

We need to get better at driving our own traffic and bringing our own customers to our door.

Yes, we know Etsy bring us traffic and you can have a sustainable business doing this but, you need to keep really up to date, be ahead of the game and have your fingers well and truly in the Etsy pie.

Having a 2 pronged approach is the best way to do this.

1. Drive your own traffic to your handmade shop

2. Utilise the traffic already on Etsy

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