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How to BULK edit your Etsy prices on your Listings in 2023 with thi...

How to know what Etsy products to make next in your Handmade Busine...

How I organise my time as a 6 figure Etsy seller and taking time of...


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How to BULK edit listing titles & tags on Etsy 2023

Today I wanted to show you how you can BULK edit your titles and tags in your Etsy shop. So if for example you have tags and titles for Christmas, Valentines day etc. and you want to change them?...

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How to create and edit shipping profiles on Etsy

Today I thought I would go through your shipping profiles or delivery profiles depending on where you are from. I feel like people can get really confused by this and its actually a really simple...

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How to list on Etsy the right way in 2023

Today I am going to be talking about the NEW Etsy more streamlined listing experience, don't worry if you didn't know there was an old and new version, I am going to cover it all especially if you...

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How to change shop categories on Etsy

Today I am going to go through how to change your Etsy categories, what you should be using them for, how you can bulk edit your listings, so if you have a bunch listing you want to change to a...

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How to BULK edit your Etsy prices on your Listings in 2023 with this simple hack | Etsy Tutorial

So I am looking at my draft listings on my Etsy shop. Let's say you are looking at 2 listings and thinking , these are a bit cheap or a bit expensive, you can click the box at the bottom of the...

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5 Digital Product Ideas That All Etsy Shops Can Use

Today we are going to be talking about 5 digital product ideas that all Etsy shops can use. 

I'm a big fan of expanding your income base, and getting as many sources of income from your...

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5 Etsy Digital Products That Make Β£1000 Per Month

We are going to be talking about 5 Etsy digital products that make £1000 a month.

To find out how I KNOW that they make £1000 a month, please watch my YouTube video that I created...

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Digital Product Etsy Shop vs Physical Product Etsy Shop

Today I'm going to be talking about digital Etsy shops vs physical product Etsy shops. I'm going to be giving you lots of honest pros and cons of both shops from having worked with thousands of...

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This Is How I Built My 6 Figure Etsy Shop

Today we are going to talk about how I built a 6 figure Etsy shop, including 5 things I have done at the beginning of my handmade business journey to build my shop quicker.

1. Utilise push...

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How To Start Getting β€˜Favoured’ By The Etsy Algorithm

In this blog post, we're going to be talking about how to get favoured by the Etsy algorithm, and it will explain why a lot of older listings (and perhaps why a lot of older listings from...

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