First 4 Weeks On Etsy - Week 4

Jun 01, 2022

It's the final week of the 'First 4 Weeks On Etsy' mini course!

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Can we just take a minute to pat yourself on the back? πŸ‘πŸ» Seriously, you need to reward yourself because lots of people won't get this far, but you have. That proves to me that you want to build a legacy business!

You clearly want to continue to grow and learn and invest time, money and effort in your business so that looking forward 5 years in your business, you'll be killing it!

I really hope you'll be making 6 figures in your business!

So, a HUGE well done!

Week 4 has 7 tasks to complete. It doesn't matter if you over run a few days to complete the tasks as this is our final week.

This is the week that the magic starts to happen.


1. Brand = DONE

Make sure that your branding is done and uploaded, and is active/ live to attract your target market and repel those who aren't.

Remember, you don't want to attract EVERYBODY. The money is in the niche and if you try to serve everyone, you'll serve no one. 

Make sure that your logo is uploaded everywhere, and you have your Etsy shop banner in place.


2. Conversion Rate

You need to dig deep and look at your conversion rate next, and you need to understand it!

But luckily, I have created a free 90 minute long masterclass showing you how to increase your conversion rate.

Your task is to head over and watch the masterclass HERE.




Conversion rate means how many people out of 100 will buy from you, expressed as a percentage.


So for example:

Your Etsy shop has 100 people that view your shop.

A 1% conversion rate means you'll get 1 order out of the 100 people who view your shop.

Let's say your average cost of your item is £30, the masterclass shows you how to increase your conversion rate so you're not changing the people coming in to your Etsy shop, or your Etsy shop itself, all you're changing is this conversion rate.

If you can increase your conversion rate up to 10%, then your orders go to £300 instead of £30.


3 - Marketing

Once you've watched the masterclass and increased your conversion rate, it's time to increase the people coming into your shop - AKA marketing.

Don't do this before your conversion rate is good because you don't want to drive more traffic to it if your conversion rate is poor. If you have a low conversion rate, that could be because something with your shop is not resonating with your target market and it needs to be improved

The problem could be a number of things including your branding, your products, the marketing, the process etc

So only when you've increased your conversion rate should you do this next step of marketing.


DO NOT get all of the social media accounts, just pick ONE social media network and this will become your 'home hub' for your target market.

Your home hub is a base where your target market comes to you outside of Etsy. It's where you hang out with them, prime them, warm them up to buy from you. 

There is such a thing as a cold browser and a warm browser.

A cold browser is someone who is not interested in buying right now, they're just browsing. But, through marketing we want to warm them up (through our content and building trust) so that they will buy.

If they've looked at your shop and haven't bought from you just yet, you don't want to lose them forever. You want to get them back into your marketing channel so that you can prime them and take them through the process to end up buying form you (warm them up).


So, pick 1 social media network where your target market hangs out and uses frequently - Instagram and Facebook are the most common.

Just pick one because we don't want to spread ourselves thin and burnout and not master one. You want to master your home hub!


4 - Social Media 

Once you've decided which social media network you want to have as your home hub, create your account.

If you're thinking 'oh no, I don't know what to post on Instagram/Facebook', then I have a super awesome trick for you!

You're going to create content buckets!

Content buckets are categories of content that you use to attract your target market, and nurture and warm them up by showing them things that they LOVE. You'll know what they love from your research you did in the previous weeks. 

You could have a content bucket for:

  • Funny memes
  • 'Did you know...' series
  • Your products
  • Behind the scenes
  • Quotes
  • Q&A

Create 4-5 content buckets that you draw upon every single week. 

You can prepare a schedule so you always know what to post. For example, Monday's content bucket could be a quote, Tuesday's could be showing your product, Wednesday could be showing behind the scenes how you made that product, and so on. 

If you have a spare day, spend it by 'filling the buckets' full of content. Create posts, take photos, film a Reel, create graphics and then schedule them in advance using a tool like Later. I'm going to talk more about this in point number 5. 


5 - Plan Your Schedule

Schedule your content/ social media posts a month in advance. I know a month seems extreme, but if you fall ill or you have an influx of orders that suddenly takes up all of your time, you are not going to think about posting on social media and those followers are going to start becoming cold again

You can schedule posts for free on Later. You get 10 posts for free, or you can upgrade to a paid version which is what I use and it's super helpful!

There is also a really good feature where you can 'preview' your grid. This helps you to look at it as a whole and see what you need. For example, you may notice that you've posted lots of product posts recently, and it's time to change it up and add something from a different content bucket.


6 - Monitor Your Conversion Rate 

Monitor your conversion rate after about a week or 10 days of implementing the advice in this mini course, and making changes.

Make sure that you continue to monitor this on a weekly basis.

You can do it in a spreadsheet or on paper, but this means that you can keep track of what changes you make that week and if your conversion rate drops then this means that something isn't resonating with your target market anymore. 


7 - Next Steps

Firstly, you need to sign up for the conversion rate masterclass mentioned in point 2.

Secondly, you can watch the '30 days to a kick butt Etsy shop launch plan' with a free PDF workbook, which is another way to look at this beginner process. 

Lastly, join our Facebook group. It's completely free and it's the only community where we don't tolerate negativity. It's super positive and friendly and full of supportive bosses just like you. 

You cannot get to 6 figures Etsy shop on your own, you need a community around you. The Facebook group is perfect for this, and if you have a question, you can ask it! You can share your wins and we will celebrate with you.


And that's a wrap for the 'First 4 Weeks On Etsy' mini course. 

Let me know in the comments below how you get on with the course, if you have any questions, and I'd love to know the results you've gotten from taking this course!


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