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First 4 Weeks On Etsy - Week 3

etsy 101 basics starting a handmade business Jun 01, 2022

Welcome to week 3 of the complete beginner on Etsy guide!

If you haven't read week 1 or week 2 just yet, head back now and read them as this week's tasks won't make any sense.

Read week 1 here

Read week 2 here


There are 5 tasks for you to complete this week.

I don't want you to procrastinate these tasks, we have to get it done and be focused and intentional. Don't get distracted, set timers if you have to so that we can get all of the tasks done in a month.

You'll thank me afterwards when your business is BOOMING!

So let's get into it. 


1. Stats

The first task for this week is to go into your listing stats of the placeholder listings you created in week 1.

Have a look if any of the search terms or keywords that you initially put in there, are performing for you.

If they are, I'd like you to make a copy of that listing, and just put those keywords that are performing well for you in your new duplicated listing.

Also, make another copy of the listing and add the keywords that we found via our research from last week from the free tools and the Facebook group feedback.


2. Making Copies

Leading on from point 1, we want to start making copies of our listings, and testing other keywords.

Having a successful Etsy shop in terms of search, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and keywords is all about testing.

The sooner you start testing, the sooner you will know whats working for you or not. 


3. Brand Research

Go onto your competitors shops or websites and make notes of anything you like.

Chances are that you are your target market.

So, if you create a product that you initially love, chances are that you actually started making the product because you had a problem/ pain point that needed solving.

9 times out of 10, the businesses that I work with in my course or via 1:1, are usually their own target market.

So there will naturally be brands that you are attracted to before you started your business.

I'd like you to go on 2-3 hour spree and look at other brands that you like, and make notes of what you do like and what you don't like. I'd like you to focus more on what you don't like, and here's why.

Remember, we have to make a brand that actively repels those people who are not in our target market.

Sometimes it's easier to figure out what our target market don't like, and what they hate. Find out what will repel them.

Look and analyse what you do and don't like about the other brands.


Also, as you are looking at other brands, make a list of things that are similar across all of the brands. Imagine you're looking at 5 different soap brands, there's going to be a common theme and similarities amongst those brands, and they're doing it for a reason because they want to attract your target market.


4. Touch Points

Go onto Canva - it's completely free for the basic version. The pro version is amazing and I would highly recommend it, but you don't NEED it if you can't afford it right now. 

I'd like you to start to create you brand touch points.

A touch point is whenever your target market interacts with your brand, such as:

  • Logo
  • Social media profiles
  • Etsy shop banner
  • Anything that your target market comes into contact with in your business is a touchpoint 

Start going into Canva and create your logo and your Etsy shop banner. Use Canva's templates for the correct sizes. If you go into Canva and in the search box type 'Etsy shop banner', it will bring up a blank version in the correct size for you to use. 


Create your touch points based on your research (knowing what your target market likes).

You have to make sure that you are looking at repelling people who are not in your target market. Make sure you build a brand that attracts the right people and repels the wrong people. 

Your brand is so much more than your logo and colours, it is your most valuable asset. Apple spends millions on their brand, and because they've done such a good job, their brands sells their products for them.

Your brand is your ultimate sales person, so you must give it the time, love, effort and respect it deserves


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5. Product Images

Once you've done all of the above tasks, and you know your target market inside and out, and you've done your branding, you're ready to move onto point number 5.

Your product images are vital, and you must get them right. If they're fine, they're not good enough.

Based on your branding and target market research, make sure that your product pictures are actively engaging, attracting and converting your ideal target market.

Think about the props that you use, the background, the lighting you use as this all makes a difference

Here's a few tips:

  • Use natural lighting
  • Purchase daylight lights if you live in a particularly dark house or work space 
  • Don't use direct light
  • Don't use a background you can't replicate again - use a consistent area
  • Play around with image concepts

Start taking pictures with the branding knowledge you have now acquired.

When you're ready, take those pictures and post them in the Facebook groups you found from last week and get feedback from your target market. Ask them "do you like image A,B,C,D - what do you prefer?". 

Essentially, you are going up to your future customers and saying "what do you want from me?", and they're saying "we want this", and then you can give them exactly that. 


And thats a wrap for week 3. We are onto the final week next week and I'd like you to give yourself a pat on the back for how far you've come!

You're maybe starting to get views, traction and favourites which is amazing! Let me know in the comments below how you're finding it!


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When you're ready, you can move onto the final week - week 4 of the 'First 4 Weeks On Etsy' mini course. 


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