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How to rank higher on Etsy search results in 2023

get more traffic make more sales starting a handmade business Sep 20, 2023

Today I am going to give you 3 tips so you can rank higher in search results. Now if you have been with me for a while you, these things may not be new but I really they are things we need reminding of once in a while.

1. Give It Time 

I have had an influx of comments recently like

I've been open a few months and ive only had like 3 orders,

My listings are not doing well, Im not getting any orders

And sometimes the listings are quite new and the shop is still quite new and you are still learning how everything works or doesn't work. 

One of my most reacted to comments was this:

'My shop is like 4/5 months old and I've only had 3 sales, what am I doing wrong?'

and I just put back, at the end of the day if you are building a legacy business, which is a business that is going to sustain you and your family for generations to come if you really wanted to, it is not going to be a 4/5 month sprint.  You are going to be working for 6 to 12 months with probably not a lot of return, whether thats money or satisfaction - what ever it means to you.

So if your business is under 12 months old and you haven't quite found your groove with it yet. Its still a baby! You're still very early in the business process! 

So my first tip is give it time. Remember it can take 60-90 days to get a listing quality score and lots of others things so you can be indexed by Etsy to find where you sit within the search results.

One thing I do want to say is there is no such thing as page one! Pages change for every single person on Etsy, page one is different for every single person! 

If you have made changes to your listings please leave them for at least 90 days!

I like to leave them until they expire, that's why I don't like the automatic renewal so I actually use the manual option so I can go into them and assess all the different expired listings. 

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2. Use Long Tail Keywords 

Long tail key words, I like to think of them as keywords where you are adding words into it. So you are not just doing 'Gift for her' as your tag or title because you need it to be a long tail keyword. 

If you are using Gift for her in a tag, you are pretty well wasting that tag because there are about 5.6 MILLION results for this search! So many people use it Like, 'Christmas gift for her', 'Gift for her bracelet', 'Silver bracelet gift for her'. And whilst those keywords are fine, they are not long tail enough to be shown at the end of the buyer journey, when your customers are ready to purchase! 

So let's say you are looking to buy a crochet blue dream catcher, and you have the tags 'Dream catcher', 'Gift for best friend', 'Bedroom decor' and all those kind of things.  What are the chances of someone that is typing in bedroom decor going to have in their minds that they want to purchase a blue dream catcher? Probably not very likely. However if you are typing in crochet blue dream catcher, ok you may not have much traffic coming from that but they are more likely to buy said Crochet Blue Dream Catcher because they are typing in exactly what they want and if you haven't got the words in your listing you are not likely to show.

I would recommend sprinkling these words in your descriptions. Etsy do review the item description and Google certainly does. 

I don't know if you have ever done this , but go on to Google now and type in blue dream catcher, the first few shopping links will be to Etsy. So do make sure you are doing this.  

3. Get Reviews 

Have you ever noticed that you get a really nice 5 star review on a product and then later on that week you get another order for that product and then another and another and you think wow this listing is really hotting up!! It is not a coincidence.

The review basically says to Etsy, this listing is good, people really like this, this shop is doing good, people really like this listing here, we are going to bump them UP a little tiny bit.

So make sure you are getting those lovely reviews, if you get a couple of reviews on the same product in a short period of time this can really help you get a little Etsy search bump up. 

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