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How to create and edit shipping profiles on Etsy

Today I thought I would go through your shipping profiles or delivery profiles depending on where you are from. I feel like people can get really confused by this and its actually a really simple...

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How to list on Etsy the right way in 2023

Today I am going to be talking about the NEW Etsy more streamlined listing experience, don't worry if you didn't know there was an old and new version, I am going to cover it all especially if you...

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How to change shop categories on Etsy

Today I am going to go through how to change your Etsy categories, what you should be using them for, how you can bulk edit your listings, so if you have a bunch listing you want to change to a...

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How to BULK edit your Etsy prices on your Listings in 2023 with this simple hack | Etsy Tutorial

So I am looking at my draft listings on my Etsy shop. Let's say you are looking at 2 listings and thinking , these are a bit cheap or a bit expensive, you can click the box at the bottom of the...

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How I organise my time as a 6 figure Etsy seller and taking time off in 2023 as a Business Coach

Today I am talking about time, how I personally organise my time as a 6 figure Etsy seller, I am going to be sharing some tips and if you know me you will know my teaching style is very straight...

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My favourite 2023 tool to organise my two multi 6-figure businesses

In this blog I am going to share with you my favourite tool to manage my time. I have a lot of different tasks that I have to do, I have a team behind me, so organising all of that  chaos can...

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How to know what Etsy products to make next in your Handmade Business in 2023

Today we are talking about how to know what Etsy products to make next. If you're thinking ok Steph I have created some  products and creating some traction but now I need to like ramp this...

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How to make Sales on Etsy without using Social Media

Today we are talking about how to make sales on Etsy without using social media. I know like every single person and video will say to you, you need to be on social media to get Etsy sales, WELL I...

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Should you sell Wholesale products?

Do I use Faire to sell wholesale? I've never used a wholesale sight and the reason for that is wholesale is a very T&C's heavy environment and I personally like to have a lot of control over...

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Running a handmade stall at a Craft Fair? Top tips to be a HUGE success

Top tips for craft fairs! I go to a lot of craft fairs and I mean a lot and its a very fine line between not interacting at all and being pushy!

I find there is a lot of people who will sit behind...

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