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How to make Sales on Etsy without using Social Media

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Handmade Business Q + A - Answering your burning Etsy questions

Before we get started, building a 6 figure business didn’t happen overnight. Not for me, not for anyone…FACT. If you are searching for a single magical solution that is going to take...

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How to make Etsy sales without social media

If you’ve spent any time searching for how to generate lots of Etsy sales without harnessing the power of social media, you’ve probably been bombarded with an endless amount of...

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Is Etsy still worth it in 2024? The answer you need to know

Answering the almighty question that I am positive is sitting on your lips as you map out/ set goals and intentions for 2024… 

“Is Etsy still worth it in 2024?”

You know...

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Stop! Don't go any further until you've mapped out your 2024 Etsy Business Strategy

Let’s make 2024 your BIGGEST year yet for your Etsy shop as we put pen to paper with your biggest, most audacious goals and build a sustainable roadmap to get there. 


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3 SURPRISING reasons that Etsy shops fail!

Before I get right into it, you need to know 2 things.

  1. I have intentionally included the word “surprising” in the title of this blog because I want to highlight that this is NOT yet...

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Etsy trends (what you need to know)

Trends have been a real hot topic in the handmade business world for a while now, where we have collectively observed many different waves. 

A trend is an influx of people repeating the same...

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How to run Etsy Ads

I'm going to be showing you how to turn on Etsy ads and a few little tips and tricks.

How to find Etsy ads?

So to go to Etsy ads, you want to go to the marketing tab and click Etsy ads. It’s...

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Top 3 Ways to Optimise Your Listings

I wanted to talk to you about the top 3 ways to optimise your Etsy listings. This is looking ahead, as I write this we are well into Q4 so the Christmas orders will be coming in, I know a lot of my...

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4 reasons why your Etsy sales have dropped (and how to fix it)

Why Your Etsy Sales Have Dropped? This is not going to be the wishy washy reasons you may have heard from other people like ‘Your photo’s are bad’ ... we already know...

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Craft the perfect Etsy description that converts to bring in multi 6-figures

Steal my killer Etsy product description breakdown that brought in multi 6-figures. This is the ultimate way to convert warm buyers!

I feel like when we are creating our listing, it is all laid...

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